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  1. Eugh, Discogs copy ends up being about $60 after shipping to me. I may bite if I have to but I'm hoping to find something more in my range.
  2. Bullmoose doesn't ship to Canada unfortunately (thought they've said for years they were working on it.. shame because I love going there whenever I'm in New England), but I'll look into that Discogs lead. Cheers!
  3. Huh. I want to have this, but I definitely don't want to have to pay for shipping to Canada twice. Hoping I'll have the option to add it to my order.
  4. No brainer for me. Can't wait to spin this in front of the fire and get super sad.
  5. Had no idea you guys had an account on here, neat. I think I only have that one record from you, but it was really well put together! Totally worth picking up. I'm a big Harley Poe fan and have worked with Joe on things before. I was actually just looking at that comp - I'm going to buy it at some point either way, but could you tell me which song HP covered for it?
  6. I'm also still looking for one. Hook some brothas up! Thanks mate.
  7. Sorry man, Showbread's got some personal attachments. But I did find someone to sell me a copy of this so I'm good, thanks anyways!
  8. Heyo, still trying to find a copy of the mwY / Circa split. Someone please hook me up! I might be into trades too. Shipping into Canada. Please.
  9. I'd like to throw my name in the ring since I missed out on the Circa split. I'll do trades or whatever too.
  10. I'm also looking for one of these. I had to work all day, roommate tried to grab me one but said it sold out within 5 minutes. If someone can hook me up I'll pay you + give favours.
  11. Damn, missed it. Totally would have picked that up. On a similar note, these guys have sent me a song for my Christmas comp this year. Coming soon!