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  1. thefavoriteplay

    VC 2019 Super Bowl Squares!

    Congratulations to the winners!
  2. thefavoriteplay

    VC 2019 Super Bowl Squares!

    Paid. Thanks Ryan.
  3. thefavoriteplay

    VC 2019 Super Bowl Squares!

    I'd do 4 if possible.
  4. thefavoriteplay

    PO: AFI - Burials

    I ordered the white variant from the AFI web store when it first went up and it was supposed to be a Burials tour exclusive as well. When AFI came to town on this tour I brought my Burials jacket from the black variant just in case I could get it signed. When I got to the show they didn't have the white variant for sale because the box shipped to them late to a previous venue. Anyway the point of my ramble is: after the show Hunter and Adam came out to talk to fans and I got the Burials jacket signed and there was this girl who had the white variant and she got the actual LP disc signed in black sharpie. That made me cringe haha.
  5. I guess it is so much because all of the proceeds go to charity.
  6. Justin Pierre has announced that the leftover copies of his Tour 7" "My Girl Margot" are on sale at Modern Radio. Limited to /548 copies, this 7" was initially only available to deluxe Meet-and-Greet bundles on tour. It is $22 and strictly limited to 2 per customer. https://store.modern-radio.com/product/justin-courtney-pierre-my-girl-margot-7
  7. thefavoriteplay

    PO NOW: Switchfoot - Native Tongue

    I just found the "Indie Store" exclusive on eBay for $27 and free shipping. I feel like that is a nice middle ground as to what I wanted to pay for this.
  8. thefavoriteplay

    PO NOW: Switchfoot - Native Tongue

    The "Indie Store" exclusive is still available from SMLXL: https://www.smlxlvinyl.com/products/switchfoot-native-tongue-2lp-indie-exclusive-color
  9. thefavoriteplay

    PO NOW: Switchfoot - Native Tongue

    I may try to get the indie version from my local store, which may be my best chance to get this album for a decent price, but is anybody else irritated by how much this record is costing? I checked the FYE site for their exclusive and this $30 record comes to $40+ when you factor in the $8 shipping and the $2 tax. Also, 2 months ago I passed on getting the signed yellow vinyl off of Switchfoot's site because they had like $12 shipping THEN they raised the price later...WTH? So, shouldn't a 2LP only cost around $25 especially when these sites gouge you for shipping costs. It's ridiculous, I may not even be able to get this record...it is just way too expensive.
  10. It looks like the "Flower" Picture Disc variant is Sold Out.
  11. I thought this too, "they're screwing us again with bundles", but all 3 are able to be purchased individually. Here is the standard color vinyl link: https://blaqkaudio.warnermusic.com/only-things-we-love-bundles/only-things-we-love-black-white-w-pink-and-red-splatter-vinyl-digital-bundle.html
  12. New Blaqk Audio single went live today and the new album - "Only Things We Love" is up for Pre-Order now. https://blaqkaudio.warnermusic.com/ Album releases 3/15/19 There are 3 variants: -"Flower" Picture Disc -"Water" Picture Disc -Clear w/Splatter Vinyl The site looks to have better shipping policies this time compared to the AFI "Missing Man" issues. (i.e.) I was able to have 1 order of the 3 variants and was only charged 1 shipping cost and tax.
  13. thefavoriteplay

    Ludo - You're Awful, I Love You

    here you go... @N8TRU1 you can avoid "flippers"
  14. thefavoriteplay

    Vinyl Blogs

    I guess kind of an irony set in there.
  15. thefavoriteplay

    Vinyl Blogs

    That's true about LetalEnforcer. Also, frankly, as a huge "The Music" fan I was always bothered by how Modern Vinyl seemed to take the design from the "You Might As Well Try To Fuck Me" EP from the band.