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  1. Diggin' the Complete Calvin and Hobbes box set, NoFxpunkguy. Love those books.
  2. I have vol 1 on vinyl and vols 1 & 2 on cd. Never knew there was a vol 3 released. I will still be getting all 3 of these. Very happy to see this.
  3. Yeah, I badly want some Maggies as well. Hopefully before next spring. Have to move into a bigger place. How big will determine whether I get 1.7 or 3.7.
  4. There are definitely more than 3 folks here who find this topic interesting. The Vincent and the Rogue Cronus Magnum are my top two choices for my next upgrade. And I've read that the Rogue pairs really well with Maggie 1.7s, which I want badly.
  5. Damn it I wish I hadn't hesitated. That purple looks nice. My copy came in from Music Direct in black.
  6. Of course it will end up pointing out how much I need to upgrade my speakers (KLH Model 5) and likely even my receiver (Marantz 2275).
  7. So the Scout is that highly thought of? I was thinking of upgrading from a Debut III to a Rega RP5 by the end of summer. I may just save a little more and get the Scout.
  8. The Marcus Lattimore injury was worse. That tibia fracture was clean. That'll heal fine. It's no worse than when Michael Bush or Willis McGahee broke their legs in college. That being said.. This city is gonna go crazy if Louisville wins it all. And I don't believe there is anybody who can guard Russ Smith. Glad I went to day shift.
  9. Or... If the OM5e is a sticking point go with the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon. The 2M Red is a fine upgrade for a beginner. And to be honest, all tables in that price range are going to have flaws. To the OP: I upgraded from that same Sony to the Debut III and have been very happy. Have had it for a couple years and will be upgrading again in a few months. While I am a huge fan of the old Marantz receivers and amps, I'd save up for a new intro table from a well known manufacturer, such as Rega or Pro-Ject.
  10. Yeah, I love mine too. It's a great little integrated and I'm not actively trying to get rid of it. But it has been just collecting dust since I bought my Marantz 2275, so I wouldn't mind parting with it to someone who would appreciate it and actually use it.
  11. Depending on where you live I have a restored Marantz 1060 that I could part with. I don't have the box though, so shipping it safely could be a problem.
  12. I still need to post an art tour of my place on EB. There are a few folks wanting to see close ups of my UM pieces that Corey just framed.