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  1. The Fire reissues are a bit flat, but they were cheap to pick-up. There was some issue with licensing and the band were not consulted or received anything for the RSD albums. Apparently they (Sonic Boom & Will) wanted to do a more significant series of reissues, but felt this couldn’t happen without label support and making the albums being available again was also problematic. There’s been so many SM3 reissues, and for the first few albums I don’t think they’ve improved on the original early pressings.
  2. Heard that HMV had postponed their June vinyl exclusives until later in the year, but they may appear in stores with little fanfare as many of their stores open next week.
  3. From Rad Girlfriend: We are incredibly excited to announce that in conjunction with Little Rocket Records, we will be releasing the FRANKIE STUBBS "Blood Orange Moon" EP in the US. The record contains 4 songs. 3 brand new ones and a version of "Shipyards" from Leatherface, all acoustic. Recorded at The Bunker Sunderland at Little Rocket studios by Graeme Philliskirk (Bassist in Leatherface / MEDICTATION), who also plays additional acoustic guitar. There are 4 different colors. Pre-orders will go up a week from today on May 15th along with a premiere of one of the new tunes. Ho
  4. Haven’t had any leakage, but certainly seeing evaporation.
  5. These were exclusives released in the UK by HMV for National Album Day
  6. Found the cash for this and it's sold out on UK webstore & Amazon, don't much fancy paying the extra £40 sellers are wanting on eBay. Guess I'll have to sit tight and hope it turns up in stores?
  7. UK Fathers Day exclusives(?) available from HMV & FOPP. Few may interest? http://www.hmv.com/music/campaign/fathers-day
  8. Anyone picked this up yet? My copy is more jam than peanut butter, not seeing much green.
  9. Threw you a few dollars, every bit helps right? I work on a hospital ward here in the UK for children with Cf, in the last 20yrs there have been such innovations in care, treatment & research, have to believe we're closer to a cure. Walk well my friend
  10. It's an excellent pressing, plays beautifully. Although agree about the sleeve art photographs being blurry, apparently a lot crisper on the cd release, so suffered being blown up to 12".
  11. If anyone falls on the Dave Hause tri-colour 7" I'd be most grateful. Cheers
  12. I would agree the vinyl is fine, but the sleeves are really thin. The double albums are so much better packaged. My mailer was solid, although paper between each album, then in a large plastic carridge envelope

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