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  1. Many years ago, I ordered sleeves for boxsets from Sleeve City and they are great. https://sleevecityusa.com/collections/record-sleeves/products/ultimate-outer-boxed-set-pack-of-26 They also have oversized sleeve for thick packaged records: https://sleevecityusa.com/collections/record-sleeves/products/deluxe-oversized-ultimate-outer-5-0-50-pack
  2. Looks like Rise is getting another repress very soon: https://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/bad-brains/rise
  3. Insted "Live At The Country Club" LP https://www.indecisionrecords.com/products/730215-insted-live-at-the-country-club-lp
  4. I am sorry, I misread the excel sheet. I thought they asked 340 dollars for the shipping and fee.
  5. Ship7 costs are pretty high! Is it a single fee or is the fee made up out of different parts?
  6. Unless there will be some kind of legal battle in court, SST wont hand over the rights of I Against I.
  7. Please let me know if anyone has any leads to the Turning Point 7" on green vinyl. My order at Coretex got cancelled and I am not able to find it anywhere else.
  8. No it a repress from a single released by Eye95 back in the early nineties. Dischord is merely distributing it. Not 100% certain, but I think most if not all songs are included on the Void - Sessions 1981 - 83 LP released by Dischord back in 2011.
  9. well the thing it with the Minor Threat pressings, that started out over 40 years ago and it has been repressed numerous times in different formats over those 40 years. That is a whole different ball game imho than the new Terror album, that starts out with that many versions. Or a repress of a Bad Religion album in 7 different versions.
  10. Not so much, I do hate every single store getting there own color and before you know it, there are like 16 different colors being pressed for a release as a first press.
  11. Around 15000 copies has been spoken about by Ian in an interview, 500 for friends, bandmembers etc, rest are just orders.
  12. There is a repress out for all 3 albums in Europe, anyone paying top prices at the moment will probably regret this. Since more and more places start to list them for better prices. The repress version of Glow On apparently is the indistinguishable from the first press black vinyl afaik.
  13. This colored vinyl pressing unlike the remastered pressing on black vinyl doesn't have the newish silver sticker. So if it comes fresh of the distribution and it doesn't have a sticker, chances are pretty big it is the sea foam green vinyl one.
  14. I am still a bit on the fence about this change. Should I quit selling on Discogs or up my prices 5% and start accepting Paypal, plus stop offering non-tracked shipping. By choosing not to use Paypal, I could keep my prices low and manually offer a discount if someone buys a lot of stuff. Sadly this option will disappear and if I need to refund via Paypal if I want to give a discount, I need to cough up the Paypal fee myself.
  15. Official release will follow soon. Just keep your eyes on the Dischord twitter.
  16. Still looking for a copy, got 3 pre-orders cancelled thus far due to overselling or not being delivered to said webshop by their distributor.

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