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  1. a full month after his death. Also his signature looks more like his pre-epileptic seizures signature than his post-epileptic seizures signature.
  2. I love the new record, but I am not planning to pay roughly 10 or 15 euro more for a coloured copy. This really is some lame ass major label bullshit.
  3. Tell me more. I never seen a bootleg for this. There are a bunch of similar looking pressings out there, but they all have a different title.
  4. I didn't like the drumming Brooks did, good drummer, but definitely not the right drummer for BR imho. Way to metal in his style of drumming. Based on his live performance, I feel Jamie fits a lot better.
  5. 30 dollars shipping ugghh. Need to keep my boxset complete. I am not going wait and pray it will show up in the Europe webstore.
  6. Green Day - Woodstock 94 LP & Morrissey 10" are the only thing I would buy.
  7. If you don't want to put effort into it, sell them to a trust worthy local store. Else look them up individually on Discogs.com and try to sell them there.
  8. Good luck, I am located in the Netherlands, so getting MOV pressings here is easy and relatively cheap for obvious reasons. But I know the pain of overseas shipping (aka from USA to the Netherlands)
  9. Have both, honestly I couldn't find much difference between them.
  10. Got my copy of New Bury Comics and turns out the record plant was getting lazy I just have five spokes instead of six. https://www.instagram.com/nicorevealed/
  11. Anyone got experience with Newbury Comics shipping to Europe? Anyone got burned with import costs?
  12. I am located in the Netherlands. So Deathwish isn't an option either.
  13. I really want that record, but the shipping costs are so steep. Need to find a local distribution.
  14. Thanks for the heads up! I found the orange version out of 200 even cheaper somewhere else.
  15. If it is MOV, it will be colored for the first pressing. I haven't received any sales information from MOV despite being on the shop mailing list. Usually those updates are in sync with the upcoming section of their website.
  16. Also on Music On Vinyl? They did the S/T one a few years back.
  17. These are shipped from Estonia. A lot of labels seem to do that nowadays.
  18. Thanks, I kept on searching the list as mentioned on page 4, didn't know the RSD page was updated.
  19. I might be dumb, but what RATM record is everyone talking about?
  20. Cheap Trick double LP sounds good. Stranger Things: Halloween picture disc LP will probably cause a flipper riot at your local store.