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  1. translatingthename

    Thrice - Beggars

    lol yes sir! Anaheim is my hometown Anaheim!
  2. translatingthename

    Make Offers. Whole List. All Types. Sets added.

    Interested in AFI Bombing the Bay, Girls Not Grey 7" (Red), and The Leaving Song Part II 7" PM what you think is a good price. I want to help out if I can
  3. translatingthename

    TRANSIT - STAY HOME - 12" !!

    Yes, but we may be out of the limited color copies at that point. What if the $2000 goal isn't reached? Will there be any pressed to be sold? Pledged $50 btw.
  4. translatingthename

    TRANSIT - STAY HOME - 12" !!

    Will be pledging $50 once I get my next paycheck. Hope to see more support!
  5. translatingthename

    This Is What I Know About Being Gigantic...

    would definitely buy
  6. translatingthename

    HEY! i forgot about that band!

    great band!
  7. translatingthename

    the streak

    is anyone else doing this on espn.com? it's pretty fun, but i'm only at a streak of 5 right now
  8. translatingthename

    Problems with vibrations skipping records

    i had the same problem until i put a towel underneath my turntable
  9. translatingthename

    Maserati/Zombi split LP out Feb 3 on Temporary Res

    the cover art looks awesome too
  10. translatingthename

    I was just thinking...

  11. translatingthename

    Maserati/Zombi split LP out Feb 3 on Temporary Res

    i enjoy maserati a lot, and i'll trust you on zombi.... ordered!
  12. translatingthename

    The Fall of Troy - Phantom on the Horizon

    hopefully with different artwork than the cd
  13. translatingthename

    Gran Torino

  14. translatingthename

    "The Vinyl Bubble"

    YES! Let's be friends and go to record stores and not flip the fuck out! fuck yeah, let's!