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  1. Haha, awesome. Here, let me give you guys a little easter egg. Here are the variants of the record: 250 Black- 180 Gram 375 Bone 375 Silver 500 Splatter: Milky Clear Base with Baby Blue + Hot Pink + Easter Yellow 500 Color in Color- Ultra Clear Base with Cyan Blue The CYLS exclusive is Bone and the Topshelf exclusive is Silver <3<3<3
  2. I'll try and give you guys a heads up before everyone else, ok? I'll try to post here before we do all our posting everywhere else when the actual preorders are coming.
  3. Hey everyone! This is Keith from Empire! Empire!/CYLS. I feel awful that you are all waiting, but trust me when I say when it's time, you will know. We aren't trying to keep you in the dark and guessing. It's not going to be today, it's not going to be tomorrow. We will let you know as soon as we can, but please don't wait on our account. I promise we will let you know! xoxo P.S. Thanks for being so excited, it means a lot to us <3
  4. Hey everybody! We here at Count Your Lucky Stars have just put up the pre-orders for the Certain People I Know LP and CD! Certain People I Know is the latest project fronted by the legendary Bob Nanna. If you don’t already know this band, perhaps you are familiar with their previous works, which include Braid, Hey Mercedes, The City on Film, and The Bomb. If bands walked a linear path, this band picks up where Hey Mercedes left off, while still bringing their own unique sound to the table. The band is rounded out by Damon Atkinson, Jeff Dean, Lauren LoPiccolo, and Matt Schuessler. Certain People I Know's self-titled LP will be available in mid July on Count Your Lucky Stars via vinyl, CD, and digitally, and can be pre-ordered a twww.cylsrecords.com now. Album streaming link: http://soundcloud.co...-people-i-know/ For anybody wondering about their Joie De Vivre and Dowsing albums: Joie De Vivre is in and has shipped if you don't have the Dowsing album ordered with it. The Dowsing albums come in very soon and should ship next week!
  5. We now have up the preorder for the Dowsing/Parker split! Dowsing sounds like an upbeat/punky Weakerthans Parker (Joie De Vivre/Warren Franklin) sounds like Get Up Kids (4mm era) Hear a song from the split here: http://countyourluckystars.bandcamp.com/album/dowsing-parker-split-7 And order it here!: http://countyourluckystars.bigcartel.com/product/dowsing-parker-split-7 One lucky preorder gets a FREE test pressing!
  6. Ahhhhh finally, we have reached the 7th and final day of our crazy December sale! Thank you for all the orders,! On the the savings: Enter “DAY7″ to get 40% these select albums: Annabel “Each and Everyone”, Benton Falls“Fighting Starlight”, Boris Smile‘s “Rockets” and “My Love Powered by 10,000 Practice Amps”, Castevet “Summer Fences”, Cloud Mouth “That Ghost is Always With Me”, empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) “What It Takes to Move Forward” (CD), Joie De Vivre “North End”, Mountains for Clouds“Some People Buy Scenery Like This”, Perfect Future “S/T”, and Warren Franklin - Music “Your Heart Belongs to the Midwest”. THIS ARE SOME OF THE LOWEST PRICES WE WILL EVER HAVE- EVER. ACT NOW OR BE FOREVER SAD YOU MISSED OUT!
  7. Second to last day of the crazy sale! The deals are winding down! For Day 6, we have a great one: SPEND AT LEAST $10 AND GET A FREE, RANDOM RELEASE! It could be anything! Enter “DAY6″ as the code in the discount box. You also get 1 cent off! It’s like two sales! Note: Please do not request which “RANDOM” release we give you. IT’S RANDOM. ♥
  8. Day 5! 15% off all vinyl records! Enter "DAY5" at check out! You can get records from Cloud Mouth, empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate), The Reptilian, Benton Falls, Penfold, Warren Franklin, Moving Mountains, Dowsing, football, etc., Hightide Hotel, the new four way split and more! Yeah.
  9. Day four! Distro day! Use the code “DAY4” and get 10% off all Distro items! We’re talking Into It. Over It., The Reptilian, Joie De Vivre, Perfect Future, Coping, Grown Ups, Innards, empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate), By Surprise, and more!
  10. That's the whole point of the sale though- to have a different deal each day, and for each to last only one day. That way, people keep coming back to check if something they want is on sale- and if they want it, they know they have a finite amount of time to act. That being said, keep checking back! We might have a sale that you are looking for! <3 haha, thanks for backing us.
  11. Alright! Time for Day #3's sale! Today, all shirts will be 20%! HOLY CRAP! Get the Count Your Lucky Stars Records shirt, last remaining Annabel shirt, or a slew of empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) shirts! Enter "DAY3" and you are good to go! ALTERNATE CODE: Enter "ITSMATTNOTMARK" and get an additional 1% off AND HUMILIATE OUR FRIEND MATT JAESCHKE- WHO, FOR SOME REASON THINKS HIS NAME IS MARK. 21% ON TEES AND HUMILIATION, PEOPLE. THINK ABOUT IT!
  12. Bump for the afternoon delight! Get Annabel, Boris Smile, Castevet (CSTVT), Empire! Empire!, Joie De Vivre, Mountains for Clouds, Perfect Future, and the Reptilian. Hooray!

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