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  1. I’ll take the Sorority Noise - Forgettable. Let me know your PayPal and I’ll send ya the money.
  2. Looking to buy either variant of this
  3. I looking to buy the 2nd press of Pup - The Dream is Over. Will PayPal money fast would want expedited shipping.
  4. Looking for BEACH SLANG - WHO WOULD EVER WANT ANYTHING SO BROKEN? 7" - Pink Vinyl (3rd pressing) Or any punk/HC vinyl on pink.
  5. Thats my other account above, I usually post under this account. I'm a reputable buyer.
  6. I don't have experience running a distro, but I do run a small label and I'd say the general idea is to get in touch with labels, buy vinyl from them at wholesale/distro rates, sell them for a profit. We need more distros, they have all basically went away. I think a smart idea would be to buy from labels early on and get first pressings, then if one day that variant sells out, you're almost guaranteed to sell your copies. Also, once you're big enough you can ask labels for an exclusive variant that only you stock in your store. Another good idea is to not get greedy and charge like $17 for an LP you got for $8, keep it reasonable and you'll gain loyal customers with repeat orders.
  7. Captives release new ep "Afterimage" on August 20th Captives will release their second EP, "Afterimage" on August 20th via Reveille Records. FFO: Balance and Composure, Brand New, Seahaven, Taking Back Sunday, Crime in Stereo Captives are back and with more crushing heaviness than ever. Afterimage, Captives’ second release, features powerfully atmospheric guitar work, intoxicating melodic harmonies, brooding drum beats, and crushingly emotional vocals from dual-vocalists Jeffery Mudgett and Trevor Bookout. These five new tracks showcase the growth and evolution Captives has accomplished as a promising band on the rise and further builds the theme established on their 2012 EP, My Eyes Are Open. An afterimage is a visual image retained after looking at something vivid, an image you can still see after you've turned away or closed your eyes. Even after minutes the illusion will remain if the image was distinct enough. Afterimage represents still seeing and feeling those things that are no longer with us, when only an impression remains. Afterimage recorded, mixed, and mastered by Stephen Hawkes (American Me, I Am The Ocean, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo) at Interlace Audio in Portland, Oregon. Afterimage is set to release on August 20, 2013 via Reveille Records. Pre-orders will be up for the 10" vinyl version of the release on the same day. Track list: 1. All I Have 2. Broken Oars 3. Leaving 4. To Forget 5. Squander Stream: https://soundcloud.com/reveillerecords/sets/captives-afterimage-ep Let us know what you guys think!
  8. All vinyl orders for Protagonist vinyl have shipped! Check your e-mail for a tracking number! If you picked up a copy from Paper + Plastick your orders will ship out shortly. Thanks for the support and we hope you enjoy all the free goodies we packed with your orders! If you haven't ordered yet, be sure to do so soon so that you can get your favorite color! Both colors are limited to 100 pieces each. And incase you forgot, here are the features of the vinyl: Limited to 500 copies 3 color variations: Fluorescent Pink w/ Purple Marble (100), Coke Bottle Clear/White Split (100), Classic Black (300) Glossy Spot UV on front and back cover Double sided insert featuring original artwork by Adam Forst of Foment Media Each copy comes with a digital “vinyl rip” of the album You can pre-order the album from Reveille Records or Paper + Plastick Records. Full album stream: SoundCloud