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  1. Iam still waiting for last installment of 7” club... emailed them waiting for reply
  2. People in the states are still waiting on final installment of 7” club correct?
  3. Marilyn manson mostly. Most places wanted 60+ for antichrist and Hollywood. Is this normal?
  4. Is there a website dedicated to bootleg titles that you see floating around? Any info would be great
  5. I have all but one Christmas decks from Powell peralta
  6. So I bought that kit on amazon. Got it up and running. Pretty easy process. Got NES SNES SEGA N64 GB running. Iam sure there are tweaks I can do but got it working for my little brothers Xmas present. Gonna buy the better case etc if I build myself one.
  7. That looks epic so from that what do I need to do? Get sd image and install?
  8. Wow thanks for all that? Anyone see those ad cards on eBay hat claim they have everything you need software wise?
  9. So how easy are these to setup from scratch? Wanna put one together for little brother. Any of you guys do this? Any info would be great
  10. Looking for the recent pressing of the Disney pic discs, I already have Aladdin Beauty and the Beast and Lion King. If you are looking to unload some LMK.

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