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  1. Official pre-order is up on the Bosstones site, says colored vinyl is limited to 1000
  2. There's a Smartpunk version that I ordered should be getting it in about a week. Digging the album overall, what's everybody think of the music?
  3. Bumper carts. Still looking for this unfortunately...
  4. Yup... Knew this was going to be tough to find...
  5. Bump. Figured this would be a hard one to get a Hold of.
  6. Yes! Please check for me if you can! Thanks!
  7. Looking to see if anybody on here has the Slackers - The Radio. I lost my copy to my stupid ex 3 years ago and haven't been able to replace it since. Any of the variants will do, but I would like the dark purple if anybody on here has it. I have a bunch of the newer Fat releases on color that I would be more than willing to trade for it. Thanks!
  8. Looking at everybody's lists reminds me why I haven't posted here in ages... here's some of mine in no particular order: Deals Gone Bad - Heartbreaks and Shadows Against me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues Morning Glory - War Psalms Menzingers - Rented World Off! - Wasted Years Mad Caddies - Dirty Rice The Snails - Songs from the Hydrogen Jukebox Andrew Jackson Jihad - Christmas Island UK Hunt - S/t The Phenomenauts - Escape Velocity Mongol Horde - S/t And I'm sure there's more that I'm not thinking of.
  9. Is there anybody on here going to the Big D and the Kids Table show in Boston tomorrow? If so, I have a huge favor to ask, I need some records. The Good Luck LP, Good Luck Live 7", Shot by Lammi LP and the Shot by Lammi Live 7". PM me if you can help me out, from what I understand these records may sell out at this show. Thanks!
  10. I want to buy your unwanted and unloved ska records! First wave, Two-Tone, or 3rd wave ska punk. A few things specifically I'm kinda looking for: The Slackers - An Afternoon in Dub The Slackers - Lost and Found Hepcat - Right on Time Ska is Dead 7"s vol. 1 The Gadjits - At Ease Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - ANYTHING MU330 - Anything except Crab Rangoon The Aggrolites - anything 65 Mines St. - S/t or Fix the Clock The Beatdown - Any record And anything else you may want to unload!
  11. Oh and just FYI, everytime I get giftcards for random things at work I order some vinyl from Sears.com or Kmart. It's always packed really well with frustration free mailers.
  12. GET ON THIS PEOPLE! 30 days left, I can't wait to get my hands on this record!
  13. I saw that today. I'm hoping March for the vinyl hopefully, whoever they use has a pretty quick turnaround it seems. And anybody reading this should go pledge for the Deal's Gone Bad one too!
  14. I like all their stuff honestly, out of the new stuff I'd say I like Pin Points and Gin Joints best. I'd love a vinyl pressing of Medium Rare though...
  15. Yeah, me too, although I'm totally cool with it. I love this band and have waited waaaay too long for this record!

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