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  1. THIS. Hence why I went with the split variant, because I knew it was going to be the safest (and in my opinion) better looking variant... One look at the merge mock up and I knew there was no way in hell it would ever turn out like that!
  2. Probably gonna get a lot of hate for this but I feel like people will back any new Blink stuff regardless of how underwhelming it is just because it's back to Mark, Tom and Travis... "Edging" was pretty cringeworthy to say the least and both new songs they released today aren't anything special to write home about, though both are lightyears ahead of the first single, that's for sure... I feel like Blink kinda fell off after TOYPAJ, but that's just my shitty opinion 💁‍♂️ Wish that was the Blink we were getting back after this many years later - but it doesn't appear so
  3. For what it's worth... I just got shipping confirmation on the delayed Half/Half variant... so keep your eyes peeled for an email!
  4. Killer turn around time! These came out great and sound even better!
  5. Might be different from venue to venue... but I'm hitting up the show in Austin @ Emo's and all their tickets are sold through Front Gate Tickets.
  6. Longshot, but anyone not super impressed with their Whirlpool variant that might want to trade for a Color in Color copy? Would be willing to send pics and cover shipping as well. Thanks!
  7. REPRESS!!! https://1234gorecords.shop/products/pre-order-the-bronx-iv-lp-1-2-3-4-go-records-exclusive-color
  8. After ditching the idea of purchasing a whole new record player, I decided to treat myself to a new needle instead given how well my Project Debut III has treated me these past 10 years... I decided to upgrade the needle from a previously installed Ortofon OM20 to an Ortofon OM30... same cartridge I've been using and everything, so the switch out was incredibly easy... However, I've noticed since my upgrade, the cartridge appears to be sitting a lot lower than when I had my OM20 installed... I've recalibrated the tone arm several times and have the tracking set at 1.5 grams which is Ortofon's preferred setting for this needle... Does this look normal? Is the cartridge sitting lower because of the OM30 having a finer needle? I believe tracking force for the OM series is between 1.2 - 1.75 grams so I could always toggle that and see if it makes a difference, but have read I might be sacrificing sound quality if doing so, which kinda defeats the purpose of spending $300 on my replacement. Just looking for any input or if I may have received a bunk product... Thanks!
  9. Damn... talk about a string of bad luck Sorry to hear that brother... If it's any consolation, I reached out to the MxPx store and they are sending me new jackets! So might be worthwhile to send them an email and see if they can hook you up as well
  10. Definitely agree. I ordered all 3 records and all of them arrived with pretty gnarly corner bends and dents, and 2/3 of the jackets had seam splits up top... Super bummed to say the least. I messaged the MxPx Shop in attempt to secure some replacement jackets but haven't heard back yet... hoping for the best!
  11. I feel like such a fool missing out on the group buy for this one Was really hoping some variants would pop up in the US but the only release out there that I saw was for Revolver and Brooklyn Vegan... which ending up selling out rather quick... probably going to have to bite the bullet and just order from Redcreek... all the variants look too beautiful to pass up!
  12. Hey hey! Thanks for the reply Never even thought of that actually, so appreciate you bringing it up! Will have to see if I can test a pre-amp tube box out in the wild prior to ordering online... Because I like my record player sounding nice and crisp, And based off what I'm seeing review wise, Tubes give off a much warmer sound which I'm not really looking for... In the meantime though I think I'll be ordering the Pro and just using my current equipment until the time comes where I feel an upgrade is truly necessary. Thanks!

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