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  1. Man I'm jealous! I haven't even got my shipping confirmation yet
  2. Lifetime Bronx fan here, but unfortunately didn't have the funds to score this release... Anyone willing to hook me up with a DL? Would SUPER appreciate it... always love hearing new stuff from these guys!
  3. Anyone got a copy they're looking to sell? Thanks!
  4. https://www.amazon.com/Hudson-Hi-Fi-Mount-Record-Display/dp/B071WKY96X/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=record+display+metal&qid=1558138775&s=gateway&sr=8-3 This is the one i scored! Works perfectly
  5. Anybody not get their download by chance? Keep checking my email but haven't received anything...
  6. https://www.golfwang.com/ Just went up... Probably going to stay for the day and then be taken off. Both limited edition and standard black edition available.
  7. Does anyone know what ended up happening with those sick posters of the Cokie the Clown album? Did they end up selling them at the shows or something?
  8. Anyone got a copy they'd be willing to let go at a decent price? More so looking for the white/blue splatter variant over the red, But beggars can't be choosers Thanks!
  9. Finally got around to opening my Untitled LP that i bought from the mewithoutyou store And was pretty pissed when i spun it, as the first track had a horrible LOUD popping sound throughout it's entirety, basically distorting the entire track... I took the record off my player and inspected it to find a pretty gnarly gash / deep scratch over the first track... Is their webstore pretty cool about handling stuff like this or am i just screwed until my deluxe copy shows up?
  10. Anyone in need of the black variant (300)? Have a new copy i'm looking to sell for retail... Still sealed and everything, just waiting for my deluxe copy now...
  11. I ordered through bandcamp but my order shipped through DW... Did not receive a DL card with my vinyl... If you're in need of one though send me a PM and i'll hook you up!
  12. Dumb question but would anyone be willing to sell me the lil Cult Leader poster they got with their order? Looking to frame it and hang with the rest of my wall decor, but want both sides showing... Thanks!