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  1. Based off a countdown the label just posted on their IG story, it’s looking like these bad boys could go live Thursday morning around 10 am CST 🤙
  2. Scored the 3 pack... Glad to see they gave $15 off for the bundle, Most bands aren't as generous! So stoked to finally own this bad boy on vinyl... Been listening to AK since Space Camp dropped 18 years ago!
  3. My buddy sent me this... Not sure where it came from though 🙃
  4. As stoked as i was to order the Record Release variant I'm going to have to pass... I just don't really find anything overly cool about the alternate cover or their choice of variant... Think i'll finally pull the trigger and score the Revolver Exclusive as my standalone vinyl.
  5. Absolutely love the new record, and maybe I’m the minority here, but does anyone else think the production is just a tad bit off? Been jamming on a road trip n the album doesn’t hit as hard as any of their other recordings. Really had to crank up the volume to get the full effect. Wish it was just a bit louder and had more of a “punch” to it. Maybe that’s just me tho?
  6. Already have a deluxe on the way but am wanting a stand alone copy as well... So torn on grabbing that Revolver variant or waiting to the 12th to see what the "tour" exclusive is... Decisions, decisions...
  7. Came here to ask the same question... So glad i'm not the only one. Money sure is missing from my bank acct tho!
  8. Hell YEAH! Love me some IATA. Thanks for the heads up! Will definitely be ordering
  9. I know you're selling vinyl, but you got dimensions on that BANE hoodie? Looks sick! Trying to get the length and width if you have it, Thanks!
  10. This one popped up on Discogs too... Looks like you can shoot them an offer if you'd like https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/3761950?ev=rb
  11. Just spun mine... it most certainly does Oh well. Aside from that the pressing sounds great!
  12. Got mine today as well! Actually pretty stoked i missed out on the /200 variant of HELL SONGS Because this is hands down the DOPEST clear brown variant i've ever seen 😍
  13. Just got shipping confirmation for my black deluxe version of Brother, Sister! Should be seeing it on my doorstep tomorrow
  14. Anyone got a copy they'd be willing to part with? Thanks in advance!

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