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  1. I know you're selling vinyl, but you got dimensions on that BANE hoodie? Looks sick! Trying to get the length and width if you have it, Thanks!
  2. This one popped up on Discogs too... Looks like you can shoot them an offer if you'd like https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/3761950?ev=rb
  3. Just spun mine... it most certainly does Oh well. Aside from that the pressing sounds great!
  4. Got mine today as well! Actually pretty stoked i missed out on the /200 variant of HELL SONGS Because this is hands down the DOPEST clear brown variant i've ever seen 😍
  5. Just got shipping confirmation for my black deluxe version of Brother, Sister! Should be seeing it on my doorstep tomorrow
  6. Anyone got a copy they'd be willing to part with? Thanks in advance!
  7. Looking for a decently priced copy of the repress Earache Records did a couple years ago. I slept on it and now the only copies for sale on their site are for shipping in Europe only. Looking to buy from someone in the US. Not overly concerned about which variant, just want a good sounding copy ☺️ Thanks!
  8. Goodfight Up Now! https://goodfightmusic.com/products/ed00sfecgw-lp
  9. SO I was on the fence about picking up the "Both Worlds" variant but was worried about the quality, as my color copy of CFUTF sounds pretty bad. Looks to be sold out now, but was wondering if the colored variants on the deluxe versions sound any better since they're 45 RPM or is it just the pressing plant they use in general? If so I'm going to snag a black copy of the deluxe... Thanks!
  10. HELL YES! One of my favorite albums... Jam this sucker all the time and have been dying for an LP release... Thanks for the heads up!
  11. Has anyone received their copy of the Self Titled yet? I ordered when they first came available and still have yet to receive anything... Which is pretty aggravating since I saw copies at my local record store the other day. When I emailed KRM about it, They said they were on backorder and waiting for more to arrive to fulfill my pre-order? Sounds like a pretty shitty way to do business...
  12. So i finally got around to spinning this the other day and have to say i'm a little underwhelmed at the quality. Sounds a lot quieter than my original pressing, and also noticed quite a bit of pops and crackles all throughout the entire album... Can anyone else relate? Or am i just losing my mind?
  13. Got mine today! The "Cinnamon Red" variant looks absolutely GORGEOUS in person!
  14. Looking for a copy of this for my brother fo his X-mas gift... He's a huge fan of the movie and MBV so i figured it would be a nice surprise! Can't seem to find one decently priced, even the RSD variant of 2500! Anyone have one they'd be willing to let go for a mildly fair price? Thanks in advance!