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  1. Going to hijack this thread real quick since it's the only active Alkaline Trio thread... But I just scored some used copies of Goddammit, Maybe I'll Catch Fire, and Alkaline Trio at my local shop in town... Goddammit and Alkaline Trio sound great, But Maybe I'll Catch Fire has a lot of surface noise and is just overall a lot quieter... Looking at the vinyl itself there are no scratches, marks, etc... Is this just the overall quality of the MICF pressing or did I somehow end up with a bunk copy? Variant is the 7th pressing green with black smoke... Many thanks for any info
  2. My brother and I recently took a trip to Forever Young Records in Grand Prairie, TX And he brought along his camera to take a "landscape" style video of the store and all their offerings. Pretty cool to check out if you've never been! https://youtu.be/Hu2sejNsb94
  3. Forreal. I think most places add like an extra $2 or something for a color variant... not $12. Shit's insane.
  4. I hate dropping $40 on this, but I've been looking for a copy of Walk Among Us for months and can't seem to really find any cheaper, so I'm figuring this may be my best bet... Plus the custom sleeve seems pretty cool.
  5. I fucking love you. Just snagged the last one! THANKS!!!
  6. lungfutang

    WTB: Kid Dynamite LP's

  7. lungfutang

    WTB: Kid Dynamite LP's

    I'm lame and got into Kid Dynamite waaayyyy too late in life. Anyone got a copy of their self-titled or "Shorter, Faster, Louder" they'd be willing to part with? Pressing doesn't matter... Thanks in advance!
  8. Been looking to snag this for awhile and unfortunately missed out on some killer deals on discogs apparently... Anyone have a copy they'd be willing to part with for a decent price? Thanks in advance!
  9. ^ Lasted no more than 10 min. I had one in my cart but realized it was 4 songs I already owned on two 7" s so spending $30 (shipped to the US) seemed like a bit much. You're welcome to whoever got the copy I abandoned! Hah.
  10. Apparently Control Records (http://controlrecords.bigcartel.com/) is putting up 35 copies sometime next week... Hoping to snag one myself!
  11. "Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God" 10th Anniversary Repress back up for those that missed out... http://blacklistedhc.bigcartel.com/product/heavier-than-heaven-10th-anniversary-pressing
  12. lungfutang

    Record Store Day 2018

    Looking for a copy of the Luna Music exclusive of Richard Edwards - Live @ Luna Music (pink vinyl). Willing to pay extra to get my hands on it, Thanks!
  13. Long shot, but looking for the Luna Music exclusive of Richard Edwards "Live at Luna" on pink vinyl. If anyone picks up an extra copy or is willing to sell, I'd be more than happy to make it worth your while