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  1. Looks like MLIW posted some of the yellow Deathwish exclusives (limited to 159) on their site in case anyone missed out. *Bonus: they’re shipping NOW! https://modernlifeiswar.bigcartel.com/product/tribulation-worksongs-volume-3
  2. I emailed them yesterday looking for an update and they told me to check the product page for a shipping update... I did and only saw the street date release of the album (10/22) which they confirmed was also the shipping date... however I find that quite hard to believe. So as it stands, guess we won't have a real update until we receive a shipping confirmation email, IF they'll even send one 😑
  3. Hell yeah! Copped Looks to already be sold out too... Wonder if these were extra's they found of the 2016 repress? https://www.discogs.com/release/9544266-August-Burns-Red-Messengers
  4. I scored the bandcamp variant so if y'all wanna DM me your email addy's I'll send you over some files 🤙
  5. Unoriginal Vinyl just posted the below on their IG story... I'd say everything is gonna be alright
  6. I feel like the CW exclusive looks insanely cool, but am too terrified with my recent purchases of smash records (containing dark colors) that it would come out looking anything like the mock-up... had to go with the Brooklyn Vegan exclusive.
  7. Pretty stoked my cloud variant came in today! Not as pretty as the mock-up pics, but still pretty rad... Obviously not for sale... Sorry 🙃
  8. No shipping email on the cloud variant either Hoping one comes through soon tho. Also would anyone be kind enough to hit my DM's with a good site to score this? I thought I found a good file this morning but probably ended up with a virus on my Mac instead, hah. Would appreciate it!
  9. Just curious, which variant did you order? I was lucky enough to snag the Cloud variant but haven’t received any kind of email from All In Merch... wonder if it’s certain variants that are delayed or what. Kinda weird to get that email especially considering they have black and blue copies on tour with them already...
  10. https://www.jbww.com/collections/prints/products/radical-print-double-lp
  11. Looks like a few more Audiophile Black boxsets of [A-->B Life] have surfaced on mewithoutyou.com Price looks to have increased to $75?
  12. Speaking of Bronx II... Would anyone be interested in a first press? I have one I'm looking to let go off but have been holding off hitting eBay or Discogs with it... DM me for deets!
  13. Mad shoutout to the peeps that mentioned the standard LP's... scored one for the Austin show. Only had to pay $83 at The Hard Times with a 10% coupon. Not too shabby I guess...

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