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  1. Are people actually buying a 140g single lp of Chroma for $30???
  2. I'm glad this did get bumped or I never would have checked it out. This is beautiful. Ordered.
  3. Grabbed all 3, feeling pretty lucky. Obsessively lurking these forums usually pays off.
  4. It'll pick up again when RJ has criminal charges against him.
  5. Finally caved and ordered the ridiculous mega bundle. This comes out next week holy shit can't wait!
  6. Good thing there are posters like you around to bump it back to the top then!!
  7. Between ETR and Chad/6131....welp here we are however long later and this still doesn't exist. What gives?
  8. I don't think the code worked for me either but I still got 3 records for 22$ shipped so I'm happy either way.
  9. Honestly I would probably be able to look past all the RJ bullshit and order these if they weren't so disgustingly overpriced.
  10. Ugh. Ashamed of myself for actually just paying $9.00 for a 7".
  11. They started doing some sales. Got the Menzingers ALITAOIT for $8.99 and the No Trigger Be Honest 7" for $.99. Not bad.