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  1. I hope it doesnt sound like the re issues from last year....
  2. My Lost in the sound came in, sounds good and the vinyl is cool looking. I heard alot of horror stories about the packaging. I hope everyone else's stuff comes in properly!
  3. I got a shipping note. I ordered TOCS and DTGL first, then grabbed LITSOS. LITSOS is the one coming first. Figures...
  4. What's up? I have a few Og Pressings from Honest Dons (Fat Subsidiary) that I am selling. They are: Limp-S/T 30 Big in Japan-Destroy the New Rock 15 Inspection 12-In Recovery 30 ChixDiggit!-From Scene to Shining Scene 25 Citizen Fish-Life Size 20 Dogpiss (Snuff)-Eine Kleìne Pünkmusik 20 The Forecast-In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (Robbed The Bank LP) 40 All are in NM- conditions. Most Sleeeves NM but Ill say VG plus. All smoke free, kept in bags and great care 5.00 shipping Combo deals. Thanks
  5. Thank you that was helpful. I will try to reach out to the band or members or something and go from there. I tried to email the label and i got a bounce back so the email didn't even exist anymore so that was cool. Thank you again!
  6. I love that I check my email to see if I missed a shipping notification. Sometimes again I truly forgot I ordered this. Maybe it'll be a summer Christmas miracle
  7. Hello, Am curious what the hassle is when it comes to: Trying to license a record Cost If 2 labels had put out the same record who owns it Is there a cost to license based upon how many units you plan on pressing I am sure there is more but this is the basics. Thanks
  8. Im so curious. I truly love how the original sounds I can't imagine this version
  9. https://fatwreck.com/products/bad-astronaut-universe-box-set?mc_cid=97df1831a2&mc_eid=e095b80615
  10. If anyone is curious the following MXPX records are on discogs: Panic-25.00 Secret Weapon-50 ..and then... Life in General-200 Plans within plans-50.00 Self Titled-150

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