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  1. Thank you that was helpful. I will try to reach out to the band or members or something and go from there. I tried to email the label and i got a bounce back so the email didn't even exist anymore so that was cool. Thank you again!
  2. I love that I check my email to see if I missed a shipping notification. Sometimes again I truly forgot I ordered this. Maybe it'll be a summer Christmas miracle
  3. Hello, Am curious what the hassle is when it comes to: Trying to license a record Cost If 2 labels had put out the same record who owns it Is there a cost to license based upon how many units you plan on pressing I am sure there is more but this is the basics. Thanks
  4. Im so curious. I truly love how the original sounds I can't imagine this version
  5. https://fatwreck.com/products/bad-astronaut-universe-box-set?mc_cid=97df1831a2&mc_eid=e095b80615
  6. If anyone is curious the following MXPX records are on discogs: Panic-25.00 Secret Weapon-50 ..and then... Life in General-200 Plans within plans-50.00 Self Titled-150
  7. Yeah totally gone from their page. I wonder if maybe that's preventing re-sale of older pressed or flips of this one?
  8. and that is the exact reason i was explicit in saying im not out here to flip or make money, just work with people who want records. unreal. maybe mxpx will go the way of FDR and find the person and cancel their order
  9. Of my set, I have a copy of Plans within plans, as the rest are accounted for 35 shipped. No bullshit, no flipping

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