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  1. I am taking offers on this classic ska album Black LP Everything is Near Mint, kept in a smoke free home
  2. I have 4 records for sale: AFI- Answer That and Stay Fashionable, Black Sails in the Sunset, Shut your mouth & Open your Eyes Bad Religion-Stranger than Fiction Remaster Black LP AFI Black Sails and Shut your mouth are gray/black and Answer that is a gray/green 80 PPD for all Thanks
  3. I have a VG+/NM (cautious grade) copy of Losing Streak by LTJ Album is the purple "Grimace" press of 333 70 PPD or Best offer. Hate to part with the record but life happens
  4. I am selling the above 3 items. Been while since I posted/sold on here, been a member since 2007, All are in great condition, limited/OOP Have prices in mind. Make offers Also for sale on cassette: Millencolin-For Monkeys Buck o Nine-28 Teeth Warzone-The Sound of Revolution Into Another-Ignarus A Tribe Called Quest-Midnight Marauders Thanks for reading!
  5. MattyIceyo

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    http://www.brooklynvegan.com/mad-caddies-releasing-covers-album-hear-their-take-on-green-days-she/ Sounds pretty cool, interested to hear what propagandhi will sound like
  6. MattyIceyo

    I Think I'm Gonna Quit The Hobby

    I myself have pretty much stopped buying records unless its something I REALLY want to have. The prices are just too much for some things (and I am glad that hopefully the bands are seeing a lot of that money), but I just saw the weezer blue album is getting repressed again, this time on blue vinyl, for like..30.00. I got the tape when it came out, and the tape still sounds great. To each their own, I just stopped a couple of years ago to see if things come back down to earth.
  7. MattyIceyo

    Recent Purchases

    Some recent pick ups of mine: Snuff-Demmessmusbebonk Guns N Wankers-For Dancing and For Listening All-Mass Nerder Ten Foot Pole-Insider Strung Out-Twisted By Design Face to Face-Don't Turn Away The Dwarves-Invented Rock n Roll Pennywise-Live at the Key Club Descendents-Everything Sucks Straight Faced-Conditioned Lagwagon-Let's Talk About Feelings The Queers-Punk Rock Confidential Rza-Bobby Digital Big Pun-Capital Punishment Snoop Dogg-Doggy Style A Tribe Called Quest-Midnight Mauraders/Low End Theory
  8. Got Ten Foot Pole Insider on Cassette!
  9. The guitars are just mixed a little better that is about it..they are a little more defined. I am with you I expected this grand production. Oh well! I also agree the 88-92 albums we're good for a RM but not anything after that.
  10. I can't really notice a difference. I have this remaster, the red press, and also the cassette. Anyone with me?
  11. I am selling a bunch of cassettes I have doubles of. They are all in great shape, play great, and I will put them in better cases should someone buy them. Take a look below. All are PPD. Can make deals if you buy a bunch. No Use For a Name-Leche Con Carne (25) Screeching Weasel-Bark Like a Dog (25) Black Flag-Who's Got the 10 1/2 (15) Circle Jerks-Gig (12) Misfits-Earth AD (20), Evilive (15), Walk Among Us (20), Collection II (25) Samhain-November Coming Fire (25) Glenn Danzig-Black Aria (12) Suicide Machines-Destruction by Definition (15) Goldfinger-Goldfinger (10) Bad Religion-Gray Race (10), No Control (10) Dead Kennedys-Bedtime for Democracy (15) The Specials-The Specials (18) The Specials-Singles Collection (12) Sex Pistols-Rock n Roll Swindle, Mini Album, We've cum for your Children, Live at Chelmsford Prison, Swindle Continues, Public Image LTD (this is what you want, this is what you get), Sid & Nancy Soundtrack (Entire Lot 65) Thank you for looking! EDIT: Misfits tapes all sold
  12. MattyIceyo

    Po: No Fun At All - Grit

    Sounds great. No Straight Angles and Big Knockover are fantastic records
  13. MattyIceyo

    Do you have a vinyl only instagram?

    I have one that is my tapes but I can throw my records in there from time to time @cassettesandculture Say hi!
  14. MattyIceyo

    Po: No Fun At All - Grit

    Is there a link on Bird Attack I cant find one
  15. MattyIceyo

    This is Hell- 5 tape box set

    I'm excited to get mine!