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  1. For me, the answer is toe "the book...", june of 44 "four great points" or faraquet "the view...". Made a playlist, what am I missing? Also, if anyone's curious about what I consider "math rock" in the topshelf catalog, I have meticulously tagged all of our albums for you: http://www.topshelfrecords.com/discography?page=1&filter=math-rock Also also some of my favorites that haven't been mentioned + some deep cuts i like: https://catune.bandcamp.com/album/mirror-on-then-in-2 https://maxforeman.bandcamp.com/album/tenebre-in-everything-give-t
  2. we've now sold out of the first three variants and added a 4th. stream: smarturl.it/TSR_208 info: topshelfrecords.com/roster/mid-air-thief order: tpshlf.co/2KWyC4X Thanks!!
  3. We're thrilled to welcome Korea's Mid-Air Thief to our roster. We're releasing their fantastic album "Crumbling" for the first time in North America on cassette, CD, and vinyl. stream: smarturl.it/TSR_208 info: topshelfrecords.com/roster/mid-air-thief order: tpshlf.co/2KWyC4X Thank you!
  4. it's in the works! https://www.dropbox.com/s/a69h8lzmeyhbxhy/Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 7.37.07 AM.png?dl=0
  5. lol, all the math-y bands just happened to need / want their albums out at the same time. trust me, when i was lining up everything i was like "ohhhhhhhhh boyyyy what are we doing???" lolol
  6. Hello!!! Getting in front of this before it becomes a thing. Deep breath. So we have fucked up and sent out like 50 of the /350 variant to people who should have received the /150 variant. It's causing some delays for people who've ordered the /150 and the /350 variants as we've paused shipping either to ensure we have the correct quantities going to the correct customers. Some mislabeled boxes from the manufacturer that we discovered after shipping several dozen copies are to blame here. If you are one of these people, we will be in touch shortly about it via email. Y
  7. haven't been on VC in awhile. just read this whole thread and had a wave of emotions. IMMENSELY appreciate all the support y'all have given us over the years. there were certainly hiccups in the transition to Awesome Merch. Overall, they're still a very new, small staff here in the US. But they handle our UK and Europe mail order and customer service EXCELLENTLY over in Leeds, so we're confident that we'll get this right together over time once they bring in more staff. We did pull the plug on the sub for 2019, yes, because it became apparent we'd be doing a huge disservice to everyone who pur
  8. hey, thanks for posting this! subscribers will get the crewneck, tshirt, gingerlys LP, no vacation 12", a slipmat and this album on cassette with your last shipment later this month. also, there are no current plans to release this record on vinyl or cd just fyi!
  9. streaming the whole album now!!! http://topshelfrecords.com/verse
  10. thanks, dan! yeah, we send that when you sign up, so probably. you can just hit up robbie at topshelfrecords dot com and he can get you it! <3

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