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  1. A VMP employee said on reddit that they aren’t doing any variants of other Queens records
  2. Hey Justin, any idea if there is a tour variant in the works?
  3. So the consensus is that these will be available at other retailers or, at the very least, VMP (where I’m truthfully not confident in being able to obtain it given the OutKast popularity closing off R&HH memberships)?
  4. I see a lot of people mentioning scrobbling from their phone - guessing there’s no way to do this with Apple Music?
  5. Not gonna go through all the pages to see if this was already mentioned but - I was shocked to find that the Bone Thugs release is in a plain white generic sleeve. No album art whatsoever. Just wanted to make it known for anyone still looking for that release
  6. Anyone know what the Pearl Jam - Live at easy street is retailing for? And what’s the chances of it sticking around for a little while? 6000 seems like a lot but, it’s also PJ so...
  7. They’ve done quite a few a couple times actually. Deltron, AFI, & the Nirvana Sliver single are the first that come to mind but there’s def more
  8. I think that’s the way they market them, but I’ve seen several things never turn up again. It’s never made much sense to me.
  9. This will most likely be on a full length or EP right? The way the feedback just cuts out at the end makes me think it segues into another track
  10. Wonder if the listing on pax am will show as sold out when splatter is gone or just divert to sending black copies with no change to the listing? Product info makes it tough to tell
  11. Do we have a date and time for the next batch to drop?
  12. Can someone link me to wherever people are seeing what the print looks like?
  13. Is this new band pressing limited to a certain number? Wondering if I can hold out until post-holidays