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  1. I need a copy of Pink Floyd- Saucerful of Secrets. Have a copy of Green Day- Woodstock 94 to trade for it, or cash. PM me.
  2. Glad to hear good things about the sound quality of the box set. It's a good sign for the upcoming album remasters
  3. Wire box set for the cheapest price I've seen it around: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wire-Nine-Sevens-VINYL-NUOVO/192524104529?hash=item2cd354b351:g:TzIAAOSwew5a46AP Comes to about ~$94, shipped to the US.
  4. Still need the Wire box set. I have The Sundays, both Cure, all three of the Tom Waits, Eno/Shields, Swans and also a bunch of non- RSD records to trade for.
  5. Looking for Wire box set. I have the three Tom Waits, both Cure, Sundays, etc for trade.
  6. http://thefeltdecade.com/ One of my favorite bands! Specially stoked about Crumbling The Anti-Septic Beauty, The Splendour of Fear and The Strange Idols Patterns and Other Short Stories. Forever Breathes The Lonely Word and their latest albums coming out later in 2018 I believe. This is one of those bands that everybody should give at least a try due to their amazing creativeness and uniqueness. Love all their albums: from the minimalist approach at the beginning of their career, to the more poppy era in the middle 80s and the more experimental later records. There's not many bands/artist with an output of such quality. 10 LPs in 10 years. Any FELT fans on VC?
  7. La Vida Es Un Mus repressed this a few months ago. You can find that version on Discogs for retail price.
  8. That story of the band having to glue the jackets doesn't make any sense. I find it hard to believe. Imprint prints gatefold jackets for around $1500, why would they even think about doing that work themselves? They just want to cash in. I have no problem with that, although personally I'm not going to buy an LP for $50 and I don't care if it sells out and start selling for more money. I can live without a record. From what I've read from their FB, they want the fans to pay extra for their merch because of their mistake of signing on a major label. Now, that's another of my reasons to not buy anything from them.
  9. I'm surprised more people are buying the single LP instead of the double.
  10. Wow! A new BURN LP sounds unreal. It's going to be interesting to listen to, in the least.
  11. Bunch of records added, including rare Replacements, Sonic Youth and Screeching Weasel LPs.