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  1. so far I've gotten 2 of the 3 things on my want list...without leaving my couch. Snapcase - Progression (ordered online) Uncle Tupelo - No Depression (friend picked up for me) Same friend who got me the Tupelo was going to get me Botch too...but I haven't heard back on that yet.
  2. awesome thank you snagged the Snapcase (which no one around here was getting)
  3. http://theystillpressvinyl.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/isis-live-volume-vi/
  4. http://www.ebay.com/itm/American-Nightma....i tem3cc0aadd6a $1000 BIN
  5. And you just picked up your 100th backer compliments of me Totally into this. Good shit.
  6. Very nice, Large. That green really stands out, if I wasn't pleased with the white version (I like it the most because it really goes with the overall package the best IMO) I'd try and track down a green copy myself.
  7. Got mine on Wednesday, got clear. Really didn't care what color I got....I have been wanting this record on wax for years. One of my favorite records of the 21st century.
  8. See Threat, Minor - Out of Step 12" EP. PPD price in 1983: $3.50 Back in the analog age when I was a teenager (the 1980s) LPs were between 6-8 dollars each. Some stores would charge 9 or 10 for certain releases but that was rare unless it was a double LP which was usually 10 dollars. I believe Husker Du - Zen Arcade cost me a whopping 9 bucks when I bought it new when it came out. 7" cost 2.50 - 3.00 on average. It was rare that one would set you back 4 bucks. 12" EP's were usually 5 dollars. By the late 1980s, the average price for an LP at the store was 8 dollars. Then those silver coasters came out and labels realized they could gouge the shit out of the consumer and make bank on the things. They'd be paying about 2 bucks or so per disc (including full packaging) and retail them for 15 or 16 dollars. Chain stores would charge 17 - 20 dollars for most of the things and it was the independent stores that actually had the better prices on CDs. Then a store called Best Buy came along and went national and decided that they would undercut everyone on the price of CDs, even taking a loss on them in an effort to get people into their stores where they'd inevitably spend more money on their other products. This helped kill off a lot of mom/pop stores which sucked but the upside was it also forced out places like Coconuts and Suncoast who had the highest prices anywhere. Prices on CD's got a little more down to earth for awhile after that and 12 bucks was becoming a lot more common. Personally I wish LPs were still 8 bucks, but inflation happens. 20 dollars is too steep for a single LP. $15 is tolerable especially if it comes with a digital download as well. $13 seems more fair for a single LP. Honestly I think every single piece of vinyl should come with a digital download and when you have a label like Hydrahead charging 20 dollars for a 4 song 12" there is absolutely no excuse for them not coming with a download, especially when you think of the profit margin they have. If Dischord can charge me 11 dollars for a colored vinyl LP and have it come with a download, then no one can justify not including one for a 20 dollar, similarly packaged record. Ultimately bitching about it on a message board isn't going to make labels change their pricing schemes. Speak with your wallets. While I love a lot of the music Hydrahead puts out, I won't buy their records anymore because their prices are insulting and they don't even try to soften the blow by including a download with my record. The last thing I bought on that label was the last Torche record and only because I bought it from the band for cheaper than it would have cost me to buy it from the label. There is so much about this post I love.