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  1. Anyone got a copy of this they'd be willing to sell? Been searching for a while with no joy.
  2. That'll probably be like all those on Discogs selling the original S/T record for $20 dollars before the hype, then $80 after it, right? The people that care about this shit happening time and time again are probably the ones that missed out on the limited edition, actually like the band, and genuinely wanted the record to listen to and support the band, as opposed to simply buying the record to make a quick profit on their behalf. I'm not saying everyone on their are doing that...But when you have someone selling this record along with every other SURVIVE record at a ludicrously inflated price (Stranger Things for £70?!) it does make everyone wonder if they ever genuinely wanted the record For what it is - a collectible media format.
  3. I first heard them on The Guest, and got well into their self titled record. Living in the UK means I never would've got the chance to see them if it wasn't for Stranger Things, so I'm kinda glad of it. February can't come quick enough!
  4. Another one to add to the list... @tetsuodaironman. Well packaged, record and sleeve in great condition, and rapid delivery to the UK. Definitely deal with this dude if you can!
  5. Yeah, man, that's what I fully intended on doing. Just wanted a heads up from anyone who may have dealt with them before. I've messaged them, but had no reply. He's based in New Jersey so I'm not 100% on whether he'll be affected or not? If that's the case, I wouldn't even consider my record being sent out as a priority in the slightest. Anyway, thanks for a helpful reply!
  6. There is? For real? Fuck, problem solved then. Fuck the record I've been trying to get hold of for ages, I'll just get my money back. Yass!
  7. Safe, thanks for that. I'll probably just stick in an order and hope for the best!
  8. C'mon guys, like @hammertime said, I don't expect to have received it yet. I know it takes a while for records to ship to the UK - it's not the first time I've ordered a record from the states. I'm more concerned that the account states "usually ships within 1 day of cleared payment" and the guy has ignored 2 of my messages. To be honest, I only posted a thread to see if the guy has messed anyone on here about in the past. Thanks for the help though.
  9. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so sorry if not. Anyone ever bought anything on eBay from a vinyl seller called "Altulga"? Sells a huge variety of stuff, and I won an auction for No Wings To Speak Of by Hopesfall on 01/10. I paid for it the same day, and almost a week later still haven't had a dispatch notice. Tried contacting them on eBay a few times, but have had no response. They've got a shitload of good feedback, and delivery isn't due until 9th to 20th October, but I'm sceptical I'm actually gonna receive it or hear back.
  10. God fucking dammit...I checked the Survive Facebook page and Google pretty much every day for about 2 months and didn't see any news about a repress. I've emailed that website, fingers crossed they've got more coming! Thanks!
  11. BLACK FUCKIN' MOLLIES!! Going to see them in February and I seriously hope to God they play that tune. Also, anyone know if their self titled record will be getting repressed? Had my eye on it for a while, never bought it, and now thanks to the Stranger Things success everyone's selling it for about 5 times the price.
  12. Can thankfully say @lionbeak is a top notch seller. Just got my records through (they arrived while I was away working for a week), all in great condition and very well packaged. Don't hesitate to buy from this dude!