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  1. Everyone should check out the split they did with Serration, another band who also hit hard who are going places
  2. harnessrecs.bigcartel.com HAR008 - Honeywel - 亨利威 4 piece from Brighton, England break into the grunge revival with influences from bands such as Basement and Title Fight. The band’s 4 track EP is a taster of what’s to come with a full length scheduled for the end of the year. HAR009 - ILL Vision - S/T EP 3 track EP from the 4 piece Metallic hardcore band from Birmingham, England. Influence from bands such as Turnstile, the band are onto big things. https://honeywel.bandcamp.com/ https://illvision0121.bandcamp.com/
  3. Harness Records brings it’s 5th release and first release since 2011. Introducing Decoy from Lousiana. The five piece metalcore act release their first cassette. FFO: For The Fallen Dreams, Bury Your Dead Pressing Info: Red /10 (Numbered) White /25 https://harnessrecs.bigcartel.com/product/decoy-permanent-failure-false-sense-of-morality https://decoy225.bandcamp.com/album/permanent-failure-false-sense-of-morality
  4. So besides from taking the new ECW route. NXT should just become it’s own thing, the 3rd brand. There’s so many guys from the main roster as well who are in need of some tv time who could be put into NXT. They really need to look at the bigger picture of guys who could really use a gimmick change or haven’t been a success on the main roster, let them reinvent themselves down in NXT. People like Bobby Roode, Tyler Breeze and Sanity could really benefit from taking the step back.
  5. But the thing is I think it’s got to the point where NXT become its own identity. You don’t need a call up and you’ll be free to do what you want. For how it is there’s been no reward for being called up now. Apart from AJ Styles, if Vince didn’t make you, he doesn’t want you. They should have pulled the trigger on Nakamura after winning the rumble but decided against it and it’s almost like after they put the belt on Finn and he got injured he’s been punished for it.
  6. I was having this discussion with a work colleague on if they should put the belt on Gargano or Cole. Logical sense would be for Gargano as that’s what he’s worked for the last year. However with recent call ups being such a flop would you want to move up to the main roster anymore? I’d hope that if Gargano was to win they’d keep him on NXT, he’s the face of that roster along with Ciampa. If Cole was to win I wouldn’t be unhappy with the decision but I’m very much assuming Gargano is getting called up permanently. Speaking of the whole call ups, what was the point in Black/Ricochet/Ciampa/Gargano floating around the main roster and then DIY just going back down to NXT?.
  7. I ordered this in December and it wasn’t numbered. I think the band just got lazy and didn’t number them all. Or it’s more than 300 copies
  8. http://www.turnovermusic.net/products/633213-good-nature-vinyl-tour-press Tour Press is back up. Beginning to question if there was more than 300 made...
  9. Incredible how quick these started flying after DGD mentioned it. Rise tweeted out earlier in the day it was happening around lunchtime so I was on the ball with this and picked up the bundle. As soon as that bundle went though, pink sold out like 45 minutes later, it was like 160 copies shifted in that time, real impressive.
  10. What was Moonshake’s releases 11 & 12 in the end?
  11. So just received my copy! Surprisingly I think I got lucky, some corner dinges at most and the slightest scuff mark but otherwise no where near as bad as what I’ve seen. Really love the packaging on this Tour edition though. Like I fully recommend picking it up if you can.
  12. Got to PayPal for the /100 and went to confirm and it was out of stock.
  13. Gallows - Orchestra of Wolves Saw it for like £15, goes for like 10x that now. Didn't make the same mistake with Grey Britain though
  14. There’s a bit in that part about Brutalism that is a fact that annoys me. Johnny writes all these guitar pieces and completely forgets them which is why there’s a live band. He even confirmed this in an interview where he was showing tracks of Abysmal Thoughts from his home. Book of Stories I think was the only riff he could remember. As much as I enjoy this band, that’s pretty poor that the man behind the work can’t even remember how to do his own work. It also makes you think there’s no practise involved and he literally thinks of it in one take, it’s clever that he has the ability to create a tune like that but not being able to recreate it without help comes off as either lazy or just his flaw as a musician.
  15. I don’t really think The Drums have had the same buzz since Encyclopedia. Abysmal Thoughts was a lot better but I think now it’s a solo act it just lost a lot of appeal. S/T and Portamento can’t be touched though, easily 2 of my favourite indie albums of the last 10 years. I still need to give the new track a listen. Am I going to be dissapointend?