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  1. Incredible how quick these started flying after DGD mentioned it. Rise tweeted out earlier in the day it was happening around lunchtime so I was on the ball with this and picked up the bundle. As soon as that bundle went though, pink sold out like 45 minutes later, it was like 160 copies shifted in that time, real impressive.
  2. So just received my copy! Surprisingly I think I got lucky, some corner dinges at most and the slightest scuff mark but otherwise no where near as bad as what I’ve seen. Really love the packaging on this Tour edition though. Like I fully recommend picking it up if you can.
  3. Got to PayPal for the /100 and went to confirm and it was out of stock.
  4. Gallows - Orchestra of Wolves Saw it for like £15, goes for like 10x that now. Didn't make the same mistake with Grey Britain though
  5. There’s a bit in that part about Brutalism that is a fact that annoys me. Johnny writes all these guitar pieces and completely forgets them which is why there’s a live band. He even confirmed this in an interview where he was showing tracks of Abysmal Thoughts from his home. Book of Stories I think was the only riff he could remember. As much as I enjoy this band, that’s pretty poor that the man behind the work can’t even remember how to do his own work. It also makes you think there’s no practise involved and he literally thinks of it in one take, it’s clever that he has the ability to create a tune like that but not being able to recreate it without help comes off as either lazy or just his flaw as a musician.
  6. I don’t really think The Drums have had the same buzz since Encyclopedia. Abysmal Thoughts was a lot better but I think now it’s a solo act it just lost a lot of appeal. S/T and Portamento can’t be touched though, easily 2 of my favourite indie albums of the last 10 years. I still need to give the new track a listen. Am I going to be dissapointend?
  7. I’ve heard people say different so I think you’ve got very lucky but yeah everyone should dispute it really, not to obviously take money from the band but it’s incredibly poor from District Lines that they don’t know how to package a record properly. I’ve still yet to receive mine but I don’t have much hope of it being in one piece
  8. For anyone interested. Q Magazine are doing a limited cover with Foals on that includes a Flexi disc of the demo “I’m Done With The World” https://www.greatmagazines.co.uk/q-print-single-issues/eqqqespi/q-may-2019-exclusive
  9. Got my copy today! number was 07314. So 10,000 pressing looks likely. Can’t work out who the signature is of? I’m thinking Edwin. Bit annoying cause I don’t know if I was the only one but I assumed all members were signing this, 1 signature seems a tad lazy.
  10. Still yet to receive mine but nearly everyone has had the same issue. Apparently District Lines will offer a refund but you’ll have to send the record back as they’re no replacements. So wouldn’t surprise me if the stock that has gone back up is damaged returns.
  11. I’ve missed something in the post today but I’m assuming it’s the box set, I’ve seen some copies already appear on Instagram, they’ve come out lovely.
  12. So album is out today! Haven’t given this a full listen yet but from what I’ve heard, I’m fully enjoying this, a lot more than What Went Down. ”In Degrees” is such a banger
  13. Forgot to add the EU variant Opaque Baby Blue with Aqua and Oxblood Splatter /500
  14. What did the US screen print look like? Picked up the EU one