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  1. Anyone had a copy yet? I haven’t seen a thing even with the latest announcement
  2. So looking into it, it is Roadrunner. The description on the store where it says via billboard and nothing for sale on Roadrunner made me think it’s not Roadrunner.
  3. RR aren’t releasing it. This is what threw me off, looks like Billboard of all people are putting it out
  4. It’s looking likely. A London date has been announced for next year at The Forum and this was in the description of the event. “This ticket makes one eligible to participate in the exclusive vinyl but does not include said vinyl, please visit glassjaw.com to secure your vinyl for at venue pick up”
  5. Red https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/product/19814/rise-from-the-ashes-live-at-the-shrine-2xred-vi Metallic Silver /2200 https://www.impericon.com/uk/the-ghost-inside-rise-from-the-ashes-live-at-the-shrine-opaque-metallic-silver-colored-2-lp.html https://www.momenthouse.com/co/theghostinside-rise-from-the-ashes (US Link) Orange (US Indie) https://shop.serioussoundsetc.com/UPC/045778785506 Black (Retail)
  6. Indication leads me to believe 2011 the whole Coloring book encore is on YouTube if you want to listen
  7. Live at the Forum would either be the London show from 2016 when they supported Coheed or the 2011 headline show, if I was to guess it’s the headline show. If so here’s the setlist https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/glassjaw/2011/hmv-forum-london-england-5bd25318.html
  8. New track is solid! They weren’t joking about it being heavy
  9. That stream one is going to be difficult, I’ve yet to get a ticket for it
  10. Either that or like Revolver and Newbury will get involved
  11. https://ziiundeadstream.com/products/zombie-ii-10-vinyl-ep-undeadstream-ticket?variant=39648172703922 Still two variants available, gets you a ticket too for the live stream
  12. Considering The Act is getting harder to find and has been sold out for a while I thought Solid State would repress by now but by sounds of it they don’t do Prada represses. Probably why there’s been an urgency for people to pick this up
  13. Secured all 4! Would rather hear more than the teaser but that says a lot about Prada if they can sell a majority of this out. Even with a ticket, people will cave and get the coloured variants
  14. Honestly it may even be better to do Merchconnection if it goes up on there, if this ends up anything like Fall of Troy it’ll be a shitstorm

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