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  1. 7 minutes ago, V3XED said:

    Jeeze, so much uncertainty. 
    Though, I am hoping the "Galaxy" black and red implies translucent.

    Opaque black+Opaque Color #2 mixes always come out a muddy mess.


    That being said I still might give it a go and order that one, merchnow is usually good about cancelling pre-orders worst case. 

    If it comes out looking like that Counterparts variant from the latest album, it’s worth having

  2. Harness Records is proud to welcome Crave Death to the family!


    The 5 piece from Queensland, Australia released this two track single back in 2018 but has been well out of print. With a new EP scheduled this year we’re happy to give an EU repress of this two track as a teaser for what’s to come in 2020.


    Pressing Information:


    Lost Boys Rip /25 (Salmon Red Shell)

    Normal /30 (Half Red/Half Black Shell)




    You can listen to the release on Spotify as well as Crave Death’s Bandcamp.

  3. harnessrecs.bigcartel.com


    HAR011 - Overstayer - EP


    5 piece from Memphis, TN

    Metalcore vibes coming from Memphis, this 5 track EP will blow your face off and is the last work from the 5 piece. Only a small amount of copies remaining


    HAR015 - ILL Vision - Coma Culture


    5 track EP from the 4 piece Metallic hardcore band from Birmingham, England. Influence from bands such as Turnstile, the band return from their S/T EP and blow the roof off what they’ve already achieved. Coma Culture is a thrashcore masterpiece and this band are going places.





  4. Harness Records brings it’s 5th release and first release since 2011.


    Introducing Decoy from Lousiana. The five piece metalcore act release their first cassette. FFO: For The Fallen Dreams, Bury Your Dead


    Pressing Info:


    Red /10 (Numbered)

    White /25





  5. So besides from taking the new ECW route. NXT should just become it’s own thing, the 3rd brand. There’s so many guys from the main roster as well who are in need of some tv time who could be put into NXT.  They really need to look at the bigger picture of guys who could really use a gimmick change or haven’t been a success on the main roster, let them reinvent themselves down in NXT. People like Bobby Roode, Tyler Breeze and Sanity could really benefit from taking the step back.

  6. 4 hours ago, Rip said:


    I’m with you as to I don’t really mind who ends up getting the belt.  Of course I’d love to see it on Gargano but man I love me some Adam Cole BAY BAY as well.  Either way, should be an amazing match.


    As for the point of the call-ups, I want to say the main reason was probably to build up some hype for those guys for when their time ACTUALLY comes.  Possibly to avoid the shit that’s been happening with the call-ups recently.  It’s pretty brilliant if you think about it.  Gives those guys more exposure along with testing the water with the RAW/Smackdown crowds.  Maybe the people who didn’t really care for/watch NXT before will start to in order to see these guys at their full potential.  Avoids all the “who the hell are these guys and why should we care about them?” when they hit the main roster.

    But the thing is I think it’s got to the point where NXT become its own identity. You don’t need a call up and you’ll be free to do what you want. For how it is there’s been no reward for being called up now. Apart from AJ Styles, if Vince didn’t make you, he doesn’t want you. They should have pulled the trigger on Nakamura after winning the rumble but decided against it and it’s almost like after they put the belt on Finn and he got injured he’s been punished for it.