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  1. Do Udiscover and and Sound of Vinyl typically send out shipping notices?
  2. Awesome, thanks for the heads up. I was able to grab all 6 of the PJ Harvey Reissues for under $90. Glad I waited on those!
  3. Has anyone gotten their Secretly Society version of this yet? Usually they go out the first week of August but I haven't seen any out yet
  4. Yes but mine doesn't work, I haven't e-mailed Secretly Canadian about it yet but I'm guessing maybe those won't be activated until the August release date?
  5. Yeah I hadn't received a shipping notification or anything so it was a nice surprise
  6. Got my copy in the mail yesterday, amazing record and nice pressing. After a couple listens I'd say it's really unlike anything else he put out, short, meditative and almost gospelly. Great compliment to the rest of his solo catalog
  7. I have most of the Bob Dylan Mofi reissues and they all sound amazing on my modest setup. I haven't done a huge deep dive into the quality of a lot of their other releases but something to note is that as I understand it they don't always do their remasters from the original tapes. If it says "Original Master Recording" at the top of the jacket it was mastered from the original tapes, if it says "mobile fidelity sound lab" at the top of the jacket it means it was sourced from whatever they deemed the best available sound source was. So even though the pressing quality is generally very high
  8. Awesome, pre-ordered the books. Love All The Best, Issac Hayes as well. Hope some of these new albums get vinyl releases eventually
  9. RE: Sound of Vinyl. I'd never ordered from them before either but placed an order on Sunday and received the records yesterday, never got a shipping notification. I was surprised at the quick turnaround given the circumstances, if it makes a difference I'm in New York and they ship from Kentucky, not sure if they have multiple warehouses or not so maybe I just got lucky
  10. Has anyone been able to confirm If there will be a regular pressing available for this release?
  11. In that case I’m wondering if they’re being purposefully vague because they want people to sign up. That email just confirms it will released later “to hear” meaning not necessarily another vinyl pressing while also saying it would be the only color variant meaning perhaps there was a regular black version. For what it’s worth that email I quoted from Secretly Canadian was in response to me asking if a regular pressing would be available at some point. But even that response seemed like it could be worded vaguely...
  12. I emailed Secretly Canadian and they replied: “The new Molina is a Secretly Society exclusive” So that’s sort of a bummer. Does anyone know if they sell out ahead of the subscriptions ahead of time? November and December records have no appeal to me so I’d prefer to wait and hope for better selections down the line if I have to sign up to get the Molina record
  13. This release is listed as LPx2+ does anyone know if there is bonus material associated with this edition? I think the rough trade exclusives are usually just listed as LP+
  14. I couldn't find anywhere if this was against forum rules so please let me know if it is and I'll take the post down but If anyone is interested in this vault package but doesn't want to sign up for the Vault for whatever reason I would gladly ship you mine at a slight discount. I honestly just signed back up to get the deluxe Ann Arbor Blues Fest Package and probably will eventually grab a couple of the other blues reissues so I'd like to stay signed up for access to the store but really have no interest in the White Stripes and don't want to get involved in the flipping game. I was blindly
  15. It's $120 in the Vault as well. If they're available at the physical shop I'm guessing/hoping they'll be shipping early next week which is cool, I wasn't totally clear on the timetable. Really excited in any case, I ended up re-subscribing to the Vault just to grab one. Hoping the next Vault package is related in some way but that's probably a long shot

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