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  1. Karpatenhunde77

    PO: James Blake - Assume Form

    AOTY (so far...I mean, common it's January :-))) really dig it
  2. Karpatenhunde77

    Duster | Official reissues | Numero Group

    Here! Col. box set for the OGs :-)
  3. Karpatenhunde77

    Duster | Official reissues | Numero Group

    As you can imagine, I was hyperventilating when I read this yesterday. As I was travelling in train I added the box blindly. I wasn't really aware that there is a colored variant...but I scored it. Tbh, I am not a huge fan of colored vinyl LPs and will go for black. I am open for a decent trade. PM me Duster. Yeah!
  4. Karpatenhunde77

    GAS - Zauberberg PO

    Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale....inhale https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/gas-zauberberg/hnum/8847565
  5. Karpatenhunde77

    PO: Brian Eno Reissues

  6. Karpatenhunde77

    PO: Brian Eno Reissues

    Watch out for a signed Apollo! Contacted RT yesterday and they told me next time he pops in he will possibly sign a bunch
  7. Wanted to cancel a pre order, of course it has been dispatched today (what a coincidence!). "Oh sorry we cannot cancel your order but you can send it back to us...but you will have to pay the shipping costs "14€ btw NEVER buy from these dudes, you have been warned :-)
  8. http://reflexrecordshop.com/ Buying records for over two decades now but never experienced probs like with these guys. Hands off! Seriously! Wrote multiple emails (5 in total over a 2 weeks span) but got no response at all. Today I wrote them again telling them how disappointed I am....and: Surprise! They answered claiming that they haven't received any email from me. Hands off!!!: http://reflexrecordshop.com/
  9. Karpatenhunde77

    Vinyl Blogs

  10. Get this thing of beauty: https://slyvinyl.com/genres/ambient-chill/k-leimer-music-for-land-and-water-limited-to-200-black-vinyl-lps