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    diabretic reacted to IanRees in Spanish Love Songs - Brave Faces Everyone   
    eagle eyes
    heres the smart url for non north americans http://smarturl.it/SpanishLoveSongs
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    diabretic reacted to MachoHommeRandallSauvage in whiskey/scotch/bourbon   
    Oh man. Yeah I try to stay away from any kind of novelty whiskey because they're usually cool looking, but disappointing.
    Blantons...doesn't do it for me. It has a really grassy taste to me. I handed off the last bottle I bought a couple years ago.
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    diabretic reacted to MachoHommeRandallSauvage in whiskey/scotch/bourbon   
    No luck on the Blanton's. If I get a chance I'll check some other places around town.
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    diabretic got a reaction from birdwell in whiskey/scotch/bourbon   
    Your friend in Birmingham wants in on these tasting parties haha
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    diabretic reacted to birdwell in whiskey/scotch/bourbon   
    my friends here in town all have crazy-ass collections....fucking rocket scientists....I get paid again on the 7th and if my local store still has a bottle of Willet i'm gonna snag one.   Been sipping on my Eagle Rare and Weller Antique lately.   Got my girlfriend a bottle of Basil-Hayden aged in Port Barrels.   Got her mom's boyfriend a bottle of Angel's Envy.   He opened up a bottle port he'd been saving since '94 for XMas dinner that was fucking insanely delicious.  His collection is decent, but he's more of a beer guy.   My friends with their crazy collections here in town often do tasting parties and make runs up to Kentucky every year to do a Barrel pick for their group of deep-pocketed bourbon loving friends.  
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    diabretic reacted to tokimedo in Moneen: Smaller Chairs For The Early 1900s   
    could you just fill us in?
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    diabretic reacted to Vega in The STAR WARS Thread   
    Yeah man. Just came out of my third screening...this movie is fucking incredible... wish there were still a spoiler function here to write but well... there were 2 things i wanted to see and they did both of them (in the third act). I love the last jedi but i can't deny that rian johnson kind of messed up a lot that j j had probably planned and set up for the future. And for that J J and chris terrio did an amazing job i think. I feel like with snoke as darth plagueis, which j j most likely had in mind, it would have been a quite predictable movie and trilogy arc. I feel kind of bad for all the people who don't like this film or the whole trilogy, i'm really glad i enjoy it as much as I do, I wish more would.
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    diabretic got a reaction from birdwell in PO: Poison The Well — The Opposite Of December (20th Anniversary Reissues)   
    Anybody planning on coming to Furnace Fest next September? I bet you these guys will play. 
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    diabretic reacted to paulaayy in Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders   
    You look sus insulting people that don't want to support that kind of thing and referencing cancel culture, yes.
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    diabretic reacted to Satan in Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders   
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    diabretic reacted to Derek™ in PO Now: Whirr - Feels Like You (out on oct 31)   
    Weren’t resale prices supposed to be minimal because no one cares about Whirr? Are you telling me that we underestimated how much people care about this band?
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    diabretic got a reaction from tetsuodaironman in PO Now: Whirr - Feels Like You (out on oct 31)   
    Definitely a top album of the year for me. Listen damn near every day.
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    diabretic reacted to N8TRU in Fuckin' USPS' Network Distribution Centers: the thread.   
    My mail straight up didn't come yesterday even though they scanned images through Informed Delivery. The other night they came long after the sun set. I'd imagine the workers are having a horrible time but it makes me wonder what's going on in a small rural town.
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    diabretic reacted to Tidal Wave in Spotify Wrapped
    i use this 
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    diabretic reacted to tetsuodaironman in PO Now: Whirr - Feels Like You (out on oct 31)   
    Noticed that there was some activity in this thread. I am popping in to say that I spin this thing like 10 times a week. I love it.
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    diabretic reacted to N8TRU in Keep Shining On - A Tribute To The Music of Tim Landers   
    At least your money will go to charity on this one.
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    diabretic reacted to Han Solo in PO: Counterparts - Nothing Left To Love (11/01/2019)   
    I've seen numerous posts on various sites of people looking for this hoodie. They're available until December 8th!
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    diabretic reacted to CaptainHerbalLife in Nirvana - Unplugged (25th Anniversary 2LP) - Colored   
    Courtney killed Kurt. There. I said it.
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    diabretic reacted to copelandkid in Oh, Sleeper Discography (When I Am God, Son of the Morning, Children of Fire)   
    that Terminal album hopefully is in the pipeline, best thing (some of) the Oh Sleeper crew ever did!
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    diabretic reacted to dynamitekid in MLB Discussion   
    No ones posted in this thread in a year and a half so im just here to say...Fuck the Astros
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    diabretic reacted to billya in PO: The Chariot - Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing, Nothing Is Dead, and Nothing Is Bleeding   
    It's nice to see a price tag of only $20 for a Solid State release. 
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    diabretic got a reaction from Satan in PAYING IT FORWARD UPDATE. WHAT DID YOU SEND?!   
    I say we all collectively whoop the abusive piece of shits ass, too. Fuck that person. I would contribute if I could, this is a stellar cause.
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    diabretic got a reaction from YesPlease in PO - The Menzingers - Hello Exile (Oct. 4)   
    this happened to me when I saw pity sex, haha. there was a hip hop guy called Jacquees playing the much larger room, and I had to ask somebody where the line was for the other show. It became obvious when I saw a few skinny white dudes standing in line.
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    diabretic reacted to tetsuodaironman in PO Now: Whirr - Feels Like You (out on oct 31)   
    Also, I'd like to add that this was shipped in a normal record mailer (non-whiplash) with no cardboard backing or bubblewrap protecting the record. So don't be surprised if you get any dings, creases or bends.