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  1. It looks unlikely that the magnets have caused the problems directly. Magnetic fields are not going to act more than 10cm from the weight so the magnet will not act on your cartridge. However, the extra weight will act on your bearings maybe and/ or the declicate wires coming out of the arm and going into the turntable . It is possible that you have managed to move one of those or maybe rub some of the insulation off over time. There is another possibility...if there were electronic components under the place where the magnet were fixed then you could have caused a change in them with the magnetic field of the magnet.....this could maybe cause a hum........The last possibility is the grounding issue mentioned above.
  2. Dark Side Of The Moon....Pink Floyd........Harvest...... SHVL 804 ....UK If there were one album that everyone should listen to in their lives then this is it. Be you 9 or 90 there is a slant on this album that will make you stop and think about your life , what you are doing today and how much of your time is left. After the early momentum gained from Syd , Floyd were forced to cope with a complete change of lead guitartist and inspiration. Dave Gilmour had filled the role but, as yet Floyd's true mission had yet to be established. DSOM had allowed the band to experiement creativly within the studio with no real limitations and by indirectly using the inspirations of life and the relections of Syd's departure , they produced a timeless classic which took a look at and commented on the human condition.
  3. The Beatles......Abbey Road......Apple Records....UK PCS 7088.......The last record officially recorded by The Beatles and one where they are at a creative peak. George Harrison is on for here and contributes two of his strongest Beatle songs "Something" and "Here Comes The Sun." John and Paul are working well, if not totallt together on this album and contribute some good work in cluding"Come Togeher" and "Oh Darling" ...There is the first use of a synthesiser on a main stream pop album and oh yes that excellent second side medely.......all in all this album is a great listen and well worth getting a copy of.
  4. A stylus has a life of around 600 hrs for an reasonable spherical.....move to 1000-1500 for a good eliptical and on to 2000+ for the exotics like Shabata and van der Hul Signs that you need a new one tend to be mild mistracking , distortion of high frequencies .
  5. It looks like a mistake of some kind, someone at the factory has either go the wrong info or the info put out about the record was flawed leading to a mess up. In the days when labels pressed their own records this did happen but now records are pressed by a few contract pressing plants and if they get the wrong info or sleeves etc they are less worried, they just do as thet are asked, they don't always check it......This said this could become a collectors item in the future.
  6. Does it have a dark green Apple label and across the top about a third of the wat down" Sold subject to the ......................." If it does it is a 1868 edition if not its later