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  1. He’s like a dad who starts a new family every few years instead of going back to his original VC children that he already has and being the vinyl father we deserved when we were young kids in our late 20s.
  2. Age of Adz and Carrie and Lowell are my favorites from each of his halves. I like the more melodic electronic stuff and I prefer the more layered but less orchestral folk stuff. If you made his other records into EPs of their best 7-8 songs, he’d legit be one of the all time greats. He probably still is for some people but IMO the extra twee and epic stuff overwhelms the solid gems in his catalogue. I listened to the first half of this and it’s not quite the Sufjan that gets me pumped but it was def better than I expected after those singles. Enjoy it, if you dig it!
  3. Sadly, you will probably age out of being indignant and exasperated over people enjoying the more boring side of Sufjan before they age into a superior musical taste. It’s one of God’s great ironic jokes. 😞
  4. Yeah. Real bidders will occasionally just not pay and then you offer a Second Chance to the next people in line and hope they’re still interested.
  5. It’s been a while since an innocent and naive human joined the forum and asked for help with their vinyl-related college paper and/or vinyl-related product idea. There’s a build up of unused online angst and we’re all feeling it.
  6. My wife works in aerospace and she says they do this with airplane parts when a company doesn’t “clear customs” on a package and the company does have to pay expensive warehouse fees in those scenarios. But she seemed confused by the notice that they’ll destroy your merch, even if you pay, and that they won’t ship it back out to you after you pay the fees. In her experience, sometimes a company doesn’t get initially notified of customs issues or they get notified and drop the ball and they end up getting these fees but the package should then be put back on track to getting shipped to them. Might be worth seeing if you have any import/export experts in your family or friend group or find some kind of chill lawyer in that realm who would be willing to help explain what your obligations are. This sucks that they can do this to a random individual over a package of records.
  7. This sounds like one of those shady business that exploits government loopholes. It seems like they agree to take and store undeliverable packages from the government/postal service and are locating the recipients and sending them bogus invoices to see if they’ll pay. It’s probably legal because this is America but I have to believe you are under no obligation to respond or engage.
  8. Can I have one friggin day where I log on this site and don’t have to read about vinyl records?!
  9. I have nothing to base this on but Concord seems like one of those boutique labels that is owned by a dude who used to run Universal Music or something and they wouldn’t understand what a Cherry Tree variant is or want to negotiate how it would happen.
  10. I just canceled my ‘Betty (Classroom Version) 7” + Deluxe Digital Download + Deluxe Photo Gallery Download + Deluxe Expanded Liner Notes PDF Download + Deluxe Betty Ringtone Described in Text in a Word Doc Download’ and only got 12 cents back.
  11. I think it’s that, if he’s crazy enough to want to open a record store, then he fulfills the requirements needed to open a record store.
  12. Here’s a GIF of old records that are so well pressed, they snap when you bite into them. It’s a trope for a reason.
  13. If you think I don’t have access to several old-timey cartoon GIFs of flat records, you have another thing coming, bud.
  14. I was about to say that 70% of new records I‘ve bought over the last 4-5 years are warped, which is a significant increase from the previous 10+ years, while most used records I buy through the mail seem to arrive without warps, but I’m reading here that someone only got 5 bad warps in 15 years, so I have to re-assess my experience. Give me a moment.
  15. If $30+ vinyl pre-orders is the new normal, that means I’ll be streaming (and buying tapes, when priced well) for the foreseeable future. I get too many damaged and warped records to justify the premium price. 😞