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  1. Despite their scary disclaimers about not replacing lightly damaged or lost items, they seem to be good about replacing damaged copies. They sent me a replacement for my Vol 1, which had a big scratch across the first track of side A that ticked every spin. Just sent them an email with a photo of the scratch and a 10-15 second video of the ticking.
  2. I still think the band that wrote and recorded Sleep Well Beast and IAETF is the best version of this band. SWB is my favorite overall National record, all nostalgia put aside and looking at how well written the songs are and how live and warm the band sounds (despite the music itself being colder), and IAETF is almost to that same level for me but the superfluous interludes knock it down a peg. If we’re talking nostalgia and most impact, Cherry Tree/Alligator/Boxer is my premium National period. Each subsequent release in that stretch took my breath away a little bit and re-defined what they were capable of. Self titled is their only meh album for me.
  3. This reminded me that I sold my copy 3 years ago. I forgot whether I had or not but I checked my box and it wasn’t there. 😞
  4. Amazon seems to be using a few different mailers. It's been a while since I got a record in their 'classic' LP mailer. Everything has been in two different versions of these thinner and less wide mailers that leave space in front of the record while keeping it snug in place. Those are seemingly OK. I haven't had any damage with them. The record loose in a giant box (with or without those air pads) has happened maybe 1 out of every 5 orders and I'm lucky that it hasn't caused damage yet.
  5. I hate to pass up an easy opportunity to trash on new Green Day but this was actually much less atrocious than I expected based on hearing the singles. There are 2-3 tracks on here that are actually the first GD songs I’ve dug in 10+ years and even the obnoxious and annoying songs, while being not very Green Day-ish, do more for me than Revolution Radio and the last few records. I’m pressing Submit Reply before I come to my senses.
  6. Those EPs were the peak of my DC fandom. It felt like Chris Carrabba could do no wrong and I'd be young forever.
  7. The "I'll gamble on this and, if I don't like it, I can just sell it" model has not worked very well for his last few releases, which has actually been good for me because I don't like slipping into the collectability FOMO mindset. It feels good to respect a Sufjan release and let it exist without the need to engage with it financially. It's part of being an adult Sufjan fan.
  8. As long as there are lazy, rich people who are happy to drop hundreds and thousands of dollars on trendy concept products/subscriptions that they're to busy to vet or research, tech bros like this dude will keep proposing them and collecting decent cash each round. And lazy blogs and lifestyle sites will be glad to run unvetted advertorials for them.
  9. I believe bands do this to create a new recording that they own, can make more money off of, and control. My source is when Reel Big Fish re-recorded a bunch of songs for a Greatest Hits compilation to mess with their old label releasing a Greatest Hits without their involvement or input.
  10. My local shop has been around for 60 years and is a decent size serving a large city and they have shared with me that they get shorted on RSD orders often. I’ve always been curious how that stuff works.
  11. I love that it’s an actual bootleg that sounds like a bootleg and that they didn’t just record a regular live album with a bootleg visual aesthetic/backstory/gimmick.
  12. I found a copy! Please pay it forward to the next National fan, if you got a copy for a stranger.
  13. Thanks! That’d be awesome. I will update this thread if I can find a copy so that no one expends any undue energy on my behalf.
  14. If anyone comes across a National tape set and wants to help out a random, hit me up! My bud already went to two spots that either had no copies or had them sell out immediately upon opening.
  15. Last track is only one that I think fully translates Beck's strengths and music personality into this genre. Others feel like Beck singing over modern click hop tracks written, arranged, and produced by someone else.
  16. I like both! But if I had to choose my least favorites of the post-Let Go era, I'd choose those before You Know Who You Are (which I think was a needed return to a more dynamic and textured place after the straight-forward, workman-like Astronomy).
  17. It does look nice but raising the price $3 (from an already inflated price) because it’s a fancier color was just petty enough for me to go back to waiting for the eventual $10 copy on importcd’s eBay shop.
  18. In hindsight, Lucky and Astronomy were dips for me. I thought YKNWYA was a more textured version of Astronomy and I liked it more. This single is the most ‘experimental’ and shabby thing they’ve done since some of the demos and b-sides for Weight is a Gift. The talking part is the most awkwardly sincere thing they’ve done since Proximity Effect too (on top of being a fun nod to Popular), IMO. I’m excited by the idea of a shabbier, less tight Nada Surf after two albums of really really tight guitar ditties.
  19. "We tried to get XYZ label to press XYZ album and let them know the passionate fan base we've curated for that album but, alas, they would not...so instead here is a brand new copy of the Orwell's debut album on limited edition clear vinyl!"
  20. I think the idea is you give them $5,000 and then they figure out what it is they can get away with without getting sued.
  21. 3EB have been delusional and extravagant in a fun, dumb way since the very beginning, so releasing a trap-inspired hip hop song is kind of on brand. The way I see it, S/T through Out of the Vein are straight up, sincere efforts of dumb, fun music. Ursa Major was a bit of a shallow attempt to replicate the 3EB sound and stay alive as a band that was in zombie, legal-battle mode and it trails a bit behind. Dopamine is a weirdly straight-forward and timeless, self-contained rock record that bought the band a second wind. Everything since then has been a hodge podge of decent/embarassing songs that are all pretty fun to listen to (even 2x Tigers) if you are OK singing along with and/or laughing at Stephen Jenkins. Final part of my essay is to echo the Pitchfork review and say SJ deserves some credit for trying to make something worthwhile. Listen to that new Sugar Ray record or any of the pivot-to-country records from 90s alt-rock bands (Nine Days, Lit, Stain'd front man dude) and then listen to 3EB and hear the difference between phoning it in and being delusional enough to still put effort into what you do.
  22. It’s my second least favorite, in front of Ursa Major, but it’s still fun and I’ve been listening to it non-stop. The slick pop production and slight tweak away from their guitar focus rubbed me wrong at first but this is packed with those 3EB ear worm melodies and Stephen Jenkins’ satisfying delusion. I just think Dopamine and OOTV had better 3EB power and I give them extra points for being committed, focused rock records, so it’s a thumb up even if it’s near the bottom for me.
  23. That covers 7" is actually pretty rad. It was a tour only release and was going for $100 on Discogs until a month ago or so when Beck added it to his web store.