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  1. I like my slow Sufjan to be over sparse or lush acoustic guitars. I am tentatively waiting for more samples from this album before I let myself get excited.
  2. The mark of a good pop-punk/nostalgia reissue label or shop is having the serenity to accept your terrible and annoying customers, the courage to help your good customers who have reasonable complaints and support needs, and the wisdom to know the difference.
  3. If every new indie shop/site undercuts the previous one by 97 cents, eventually we’ll be able to buy this baby for free.
  4. I will listen to the record and pick up a no frills mass produced copy. Semi-related, I feel like there’s been a quiet bump in prices recently, at a larger rate than the usual inflation. I don’t mind it if that’s what artists want to charge but it’s made me more selective about which albums/artists/labels I want to support with a $40 purchase.
  5. I thought Slice died like 4 years ago when Amazon rewrote their refund policy!
  6. I’ve been pumping the breaks on vinyl purchases so “it’s one long song” and no preview is exactly what I need to curb my inner desire to drop $35 blind on this.
  7. Does the spindle in the center of the platter stay static while the platter spins? And the record center hole is “tight” and “clinging” on the spindle, making it “stuck” while the platter spins below it? If so, the center hole might be cut too tight...and, with some discretion, you can fix that with an xacto blade by carefully and evenly shaving a very small amount of the vinyl from the center hole perimeter. If the spindle spins with the platter and the record is stuck some other way, I’d be curious how that works. Does the needle provide enough pressure/resistance to stop the record from spinning?
  8. Is this yet to be fully confirmed for retail posting and a few shops are just breaking the line and getting their order page out first?
  9. I had the Enjoy the Ride pressing but I ended up selling it. WDTRSH is the one I’ll always keep a vinyl copy of. Hit me perfect in 8th grade.
  10. All the pros of selling limited vinyl (increased demand, higher price, greater urgency) without any of the cons (the quantity is limited). ☺️
  11. Lol. Mostly that I’m thankful that, for the most part and through sheer luck, I don’t collect records from bands that have a rabid collector fan base, so I don’t get ensnared in situations similar to this (fighting for digital place in line for pre-orders, labels improvising their sale strategy on the fly in clumsy ways, high Discogs prices if you miss the pre-order, unprepared labels doing other silly stuff after they’ve got everyone’s money, etc etc) outside of the occasional dumb National/ R.E.M. RSD release. The latter half of my post was self-deprecation, since I do mostly buy boring music and I pay $24 for new records that sell for $9 on Discogs a week later. 🙂 All that said, I am a LTJ fan and I have bought a few of their vinyl releases but I def tip my cap to people who collect their stuff on vinyl! It’s not easy/cheap!
  12. This is why I stream collectible 90s/2000s ska punk records and purchase boring unpopular sad indie rock records that depreciate in value by 70% as soon as you click “Buy”.
  13. They replied to my first message about 2 weeks later and canceled my order. It seems they’ve selectively been telling people “no” but it’s not very hard to push back on that or file a PayPal claim to get your money back.
  14. Tell him to send you $100 and you’ll send back the $100 plus his order total.
  15. I would live your best life, call eBay on the phone when you have time, and just relay that you believe the feedback is unwarranted and why. If you have extra time and they tell you “no”, hang up and call back a few times until you find someone who gets your situation. In the end, if they still won’t remove it, I’d just offer a good riddance to the whole thing and enjoy seeing the negative feedback fade from the 1 month column to the 6 month column and then, eventually, out of view. eBay and Discogs buyers can drive you wild if you try and meet them in their arena of dumbness. Build up that zen brain for when you get an especially zany one. ✌🏽
  16. Mine came in a decent Amazon-style (older version) LP mailer. Maybe they packed it differently because I got the shirt and pin package? Or is the Amazon-style mailer the one people are saying is cheap/not well protected? The jacket was ding and split free. Anyway, it's all moot. I bought this when I was doing well money wise and the world wasn't shut down and I thought I'd live forever without a care and now I'm broke and have new debts to pay off, so I had to sell this to my rich bro. I also have to sell basically all the records I've hoarded over the last 10 years minus my all-time desert island favorites. Life is peachy.
  17. Showing up as $50 after tax and shipping. No magic savings for me. Will have to pass on this deal.
  18. After two weeks of not replying to my request for a refund, I’m thinking it’s time to introduce MusicToday to my scary European uncle Paypal Disputé.
  19. On the album, she calls out sexual abusers, controlling men who purposefully poison relationships between women, grade school bullies, and her band for taking their instruments out of her house once and each one feels equally cathartic and blistering. The more I listen the more I'm upset that Pfork didn't give it a 11.
  20. Assigning a number score to a record is dumb but, if we’re wading into those waters, I have no problem with this getting a 10. It’s really good and it’s a bit more ferocious and weirder than Idler Wheel, which also could deserve a 10 on an imaginary subjective number scale. On my own scale of “Hell yeah” to “I love this”, I give it a “this is a new Fiona Apple album!!!!”
  21. Despite their scary disclaimers about not replacing lightly damaged or lost items, they seem to be good about replacing damaged copies. They sent me a replacement for my Vol 1, which had a big scratch across the first track of side A that ticked every spin. Just sent them an email with a photo of the scratch and a 10-15 second video of the ticking.
  22. I still think the band that wrote and recorded Sleep Well Beast and IAETF is the best version of this band. SWB is my favorite overall National record, all nostalgia put aside and looking at how well written the songs are and how live and warm the band sounds (despite the music itself being colder), and IAETF is almost to that same level for me but the superfluous interludes knock it down a peg. If we’re talking nostalgia and most impact, Cherry Tree/Alligator/Boxer is my premium National period. Each subsequent release in that stretch took my breath away a little bit and re-defined what they were capable of. Self titled is their only meh album for me.
  23. This reminded me that I sold my copy 3 years ago. I forgot whether I had or not but I checked my box and it wasn’t there. 😞
  24. Amazon seems to be using a few different mailers. It's been a while since I got a record in their 'classic' LP mailer. Everything has been in two different versions of these thinner and less wide mailers that leave space in front of the record while keeping it snug in place. Those are seemingly OK. I haven't had any damage with them. The record loose in a giant box (with or without those air pads) has happened maybe 1 out of every 5 orders and I'm lucky that it hasn't caused damage yet.