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  1. 1 hour ago, mmhmm said:

    I see the sarcasm here but I've read this like three times and I'm still confused what you're trying to say by it lol.

    Lol. Mostly that I’m thankful that, for the most part and through sheer luck, I don’t collect records from bands that have a rabid collector fan base, so I don’t get ensnared in situations similar to this (fighting for digital place in line for pre-orders, labels improvising their sale strategy on the fly in clumsy ways, high Discogs prices if you miss the pre-order, unprepared labels doing other silly stuff after they’ve got everyone’s money, etc etc) outside of the occasional dumb National/ R.E.M. RSD release. The latter half of my post was self-deprecation, since I do mostly buy boring music and I pay $24 for new records that sell for $9 on Discogs a week later. 🙂

    All that said, I am a LTJ fan and I have bought a few of their vinyl releases but I def tip my cap to people who collect their stuff on vinyl! It’s not easy/cheap!

  2. 2 hours ago, euphoria said:

    Did anybody tried to cancel their order on the official store? I saw some comments about no cancellations allowed, but I haven't see that comment of their website

    They replied to my first message about 2 weeks later and canceled my order. It seems they’ve selectively been telling people “no” but it’s not very hard to push back on that or file a PayPal claim to get your money back.

  3. 4 hours ago, kylet said:

    I sold a CD on discogs. First it was stuck in Pittsburgh for 9 days. Now it's currently in the Jersey hell for the past week and hasn't moved. Dude messaged me asking if I mind refunding him until he gets his package, and then he'll repay me if and when it gets to him lol. Didn't really know what to say to him. 

    Tell him to send you $100 and you’ll send back the $100 plus his order total.

  4. 6 hours ago, pizza face said:

    Yeah I'm gonna wait a few days after he gets it to contact eBay. I'm not even gonna bother messaging the buyer because I'll probably call him an impatient asshole or something. My receipt shows it should've been there 5/2 and that's when he left negative feedback. The item I sold was NCAA Football 14 on PS3 for $159.99 (free shipping). I don't think they would issue a refund just on negative feedback, I think they would have to open up a case for that. If they want a refund tho I'd be more than happy to take it back and sell it again. Plus I don't think I'd have to pay return shipping because I offered free shipping. 

    I would live your best life, call eBay on the phone when you have time, and just relay that you believe the feedback is unwarranted and why. If you have extra time and they tell you “no”, hang up and call back a few times until you find someone who gets your situation. In the end, if they still won’t remove it, I’d just offer a good riddance to the whole thing and enjoy seeing the negative feedback fade from the 1 month column to the 6 month column and then, eventually, out of view. eBay and Discogs buyers can drive you wild if you try and meet them in their arena of dumbness. Build up that zen brain for when you get an especially zany one. ✌🏽

  5. Mine came in a decent Amazon-style (older version) LP mailer. Maybe they packed it differently because I got the shirt and pin package? Or is the Amazon-style mailer the one people are saying is cheap/not well protected? The jacket was ding and split free.

    Anyway, it's all moot. I bought this when I was doing well money wise and the world wasn't shut down and I thought I'd live forever without a care and now I'm broke and have new debts to pay off, so I had to sell this to my rich bro. I also have to sell basically all the records I've hoarded over the last 10 years minus my all-time desert island favorites. Life is peachy.

  6. Assigning a number score to a record is dumb but, if we’re wading into those waters, I have no problem with this getting a 10. It’s really good and it’s a bit more ferocious and weirder than Idler Wheel, which also could deserve a 10 on an imaginary subjective number scale.

    On my own scale of “Hell yeah” to “I love this”, I give it a “this is a new Fiona Apple album!!!!”

  7. I still think the band that wrote and recorded Sleep Well Beast and IAETF is the best version of this band. SWB is my favorite overall National record, all nostalgia put aside and looking at how well written the songs are and how live and warm the band sounds (despite the music itself being colder), and IAETF is almost to that same level for me but the superfluous interludes knock it down a peg. If we’re talking nostalgia and most impact, Cherry Tree/Alligator/Boxer is my premium National period. Each subsequent release in that stretch took my breath away a little bit and re-defined what they were capable of. Self titled is their only meh album for me. 

  8. Amazon seems to be using a few different mailers. It's been a while since I got a record in their 'classic' LP mailer. Everything has been in two different versions of these thinner and less wide mailers that leave space in front of the record while keeping it snug in place. Those are seemingly OK. I haven't had any damage with them. The record loose in a giant box (with or without those air pads) has happened maybe 1 out of every 5 orders and I'm lucky that it hasn't caused damage yet.

  9. I hate to pass up an easy opportunity to trash on new Green Day but this was actually much less atrocious than I expected based on hearing the singles. There are 2-3 tracks on here that are actually the first GD songs I’ve dug in 10+ years and even the obnoxious and annoying songs, while being not very Green Day-ish, do more for me than Revolution Radio and the last few records. I’m pressing Submit Reply before I come to my senses.

  10. The "I'll gamble on this and, if I don't like it, I can just sell it" model has not worked very well for his last few releases, which has actually been good for me because I don't like slipping into the collectability FOMO mindset. It feels good to respect a Sufjan release and let it exist without the need to engage with it financially. It's part of being an adult Sufjan fan.

  11. As long as there are lazy, rich people who are happy to drop hundreds and thousands of dollars on trendy concept products/subscriptions that they're to busy to vet or research, tech bros like this dude will keep proposing them and collecting decent cash each round. And lazy blogs and lifestyle sites will be glad to run unvetted advertorials for them.

  12. 38 minutes ago, museummouth said:

    National tapes sound pretty great for live tapes. Has that sort of "bootleg" sound but it's crisp and clear. 

    I love that it’s an actual bootleg that sounds like a bootleg and that they didn’t just record a regular live album with a bootleg visual aesthetic/backstory/gimmick. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Oblivions said:

    If anyone comes across a National tape set and wants to help out a random, hit me up! My bud already went to two spots that either had no copies or had them sell out immediately upon opening.

    I found a copy! Please pay it forward to the next National fan, if you got a copy for a stranger.