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  1. There is some text about restocking fees for vinyl at the bottom of this page: https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html/ref=hp_left_v4_sib?ie=UTF8&nodeId=201819300 It says that non-defective records that have been opened can be returned for 50% of the original price. So, if the item is defective, you should be able to return and likely for a full refund. The person you spoke to at Amazon may have been mistaken or misspoke because of a language barrier. All that said, Amazon has been getting more and more strict (and less customer friendly) with their returns in the last 2 years. I'm a bit surprised by their 50% restocking fee on opened vinyl (that was news to me just now) and I could see them instituting even harsher policies down the road.
  2. My fave TP episodes are a mix of odd atmosphere, supernatural elements, and amplified character/story archetypes; I think having strong characters with clear points of view makes the weird abstract sequences more satisfying. If I don't know who Dale Cooper is, I don't care that a guy is walking in and out of a maze of red-curtained rooms for eternity. Fire Walk With Me was a bit too much of the first two (odd atmosphere, supernatural elements) and not enough of the story telling. The soundtrack for the film is on par (if not better) than the series though. Stoked for season 3.
  3. Do you mean when will it ship? Not sure. If you meant when will it be available to buy, it already was posted for sale and sold out.
  4. $68 for 4 LPs will be your best bet. If copies of this are put on eBay/Discogs, you'll be lucky to get it for under $70 just for the 1 LP. You could try selling the extra LPs to other members or on Discogs to recoup some money.
  5. I checked a moment ago and the solo LP was available. There might be some confusion going on with people adding items to carts and abandoning them. Glad you're able to get a copy either way.
  6. I was not very lucky with the two 10 LP grab bags I have tried in the past but I still ordered one of these 7" grab bags. I hope to find some cool stuff when it arrives on Tuesday.
  7. I'm glad that the mailing list went out not too soon after, as people were being told to wait for that as their official sign that the order page was live. Hopefully, as many copies as possible end up in the hands of Dr. Dog/Scott/PIAPTK fans. 10% or more of the copies of his last LP "IT" ended up on eBay and Discogs for $100+. I was lucky to get a marked up copy for *only* $60. Anyway, all parties involved with this are awesome. I hope you all get one.
  8. Was this already shared via the PIAPTK mailing list? I saw it went live too around 11:45am but I wasn't sure if the Dr. Dog and PIAPTK fans were alerted as well so I was holding off on sharing.
  9. What is the flexi monthly club? Edit: I googled! Looks like there is no word on a 2017 flexi series. So, this year, they have the regular monthly VIP sub, the VIP + 7" sub, and the white label series. And then, for hardcore JN fans, there is the JNR100 which gives you everything. Doesn't seem too overwhelming yet, IMO.
  10. I had an LP sent to me inside a paper manilla envelope with no padding or extra cardboard. Basically, what you see in the above photo but with 1 layer of paper over it. Of course, it arrived in perfect condition somehow.
  11. Top 5 Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool Angel Olsen - My Woman Car Seat Headrest - Teens of Denial Mitski - Puberty 2 Hurry - Guided Meditation Honorable Mentions Nada Surf - You Know Who You Are Acid Fast - Last Night on Earth Yoni & Geti - Testarossa Kevin Morby - Singing Saw Weezer - White Album Happy Diving - Electric Soul Unity Pfarmers - Our Puram Wilco - Schmilco Chris Staples - Golden Age Dr. Dog - Abandoned Mansion/Psychadelic Swamp
  12. I signed up for the full year + 7" add-on at the Kickstarter level, so I'm going down with this ship if it falls apart. I'm just hoping that the effort put into each goes beyond a quick straight-forward pass. I thought what John Vanderslice did with Bowie's Diamond Dogs a few years ago was really interesting. He changed the track names and diverged from the source material at times to produce a cover album that was part-tribute and part-new work inspired by DD. My faith is in you, group of creative people known for both lofty plans and procrastination.
  13. Thanks again to everyone. I'm going to have to book a proper vacation to Austin so I can make use of all the great suggestions. I'll pop back in after my trip and let you know what I ended up doing, so you know that your time and responses were not all for naught.
  14. If you're not into crazy punk or hardcore but want to spend $$$ on this sale I recommend the Acid Fast and Parasol LPs. Awesome grungier pop punk stuff!
  15. I believe they are sending everyone a Shopify-generated shipping notification email as they print out shipping labels. I got an email on Tuesday, although it still says "Pre-shipment info submitted, USPS waiting to be receive package".
  16. I had this happen to me the first time I ordered a ZeroDust stylus cleaner from Amazon. I opened the box and all that was inside was the empty wrapper and tray card for the item. Obviously, the packages lost their contents while in transit but there is something funny about the idea of being shipped an empty box. Haha.
  17. I'm there for 3 days but I only get 1 free afternoon and evening to roam and explore. I would love a dinner recommendation for a Saturday night. Thanks for the info and offer.
  18. That's my bad. I only had the tiny Google maps embed on the hotel website to go off of. I'll be staying near the corner of Cesar Chavez and Congress, right before 1st street. Thanks to you guys for the recommendations. Has anyone browsed the shops in Austin, as well as Hollywood/LA? Comparable? IMO, shops in Los Angeles are a bit over-priced and picked through since it's a huge city. I'd imagine it'd be somewhat similar since Austin seems hip/current. Is Waterloo similar to Amoeba?
  19. I'm taking a work trip to Austin in January and have one free afternoon/evening to pack in all my record shopping. I'm staying right on the Colorado river it looks like, so any recommendations for shops near there would be much appreciated! Thanks, friendly VC'ers.
  20. Yeah. Oldies stopped having those clearance sales. Because of that, I haven't bought a record from them in maybe 2 years.
  21. Ah. I get what you're saying. That is definitely disappointing. Sorry for extending the conversation about it; just curious about this stuff. IMO, he should have a) acknowledged that it IS a disappointing situation and provided an offer in his response or b ) clearly said that there are no refunds or price adjustments, instead of putting all the pressure on you to "demand" a resolution and solve it. Bummed on your behalf, man.