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  1. You should have waited and started with this weekend's season finale.
  2. I think he gave a monologue to Bernard in his recreated family cabin about how his dad told him that he would have no purpose and lead a meaningless life in the outside world, so he created his own world. Something to that effect. He is also curious to see what the hosts are capable of and how far they can go (or whether they will surprise him and prove him to be not God). He let Bernard go through that whole history download thing, even though he had been through it before and knew what would happen, because he was hoping that it wouldn't play out exactly as expected.
  3. Dr. Dog is one of my all-time favorite bands, especially the tracks written and sung by Scott McMicken. I'm pretty sure this will eventually get a vinyl release so I'm passing on the cassette and just donating for the download. Thanks for sharing this!
  4. I don't see it as a negative if 100 people want to back Joyful Noise at $100 a month. As far as I know, they sent a brief email about it to current VIP subscribers and are not putting out intrusive ads on our Facebook/Instagram feeds asking us for $10,000. Am I going to do it? No. But, if I had the extra money, I'd love to do something similar with art-based companies I believe in or want to see stay afloat.
  5. I can see what you guys are saying but I think this limited subscription shouldn't be judged as a normal commercial subscription. You are basically assuming the role of a patron, backing a company or group that you enjoy and want to financially support, and you are getting some perks back in the form of low numbered limited edition vinyl. For people who can afford to take that role, this sounds like a really cool sub. For those who can't afford to take that role or who don't like Joyful Noise as a company or their choice of releases, there is literally zero obligation or opportunity cost for you to not participate. As far as I know, nothing changes for any other members or the general public who would want to pick up a random JN release down the road. If anything, this can actually be helpful to you. If this subscription helps Joyful Noise pay the bills, pay their artists, and continue to expand/improve and they release a cool record in a year that you like and want to buy, you can thank the 100 people who volunteered to take a larger role in supporting a company in the entertainment/arts realm. In my experience with the label (I've bought stuff from them since 2014), their customer service is super quick and helpful and I haven't come across any articles outing the owners as greedy or unethical. There are definite cash grabs out there that use the illusion of scarcity to pressure people into handing over their credit cards but this strikes me as a pretty straight-forward and mutually-benefitting subscription aimed to a very small amount of people. I don't see them taking your $100 and sending you 3 Ninja Turtle 7"s that the owners half-heartedly slapped together. End long post!
  6. 1. I love this show. 2. I'm 1.5 episodes behind so I'm typing this while trying my best not to read the last page of posts. 3. I just hung out with Ptolemy Slocum (aka Sylvester the red-headed douchebag butcher/reassembly worker) for my podcast and we talked a bit about Westworld's use of piano covers of popular songs in its score. Warning: Slocum is a comedian and improviser and our show is a comedy podcast so things get silly/weird before we dish out the Westworld behind-the-scenes info. Listen here: http://www.modernsuperior.com/podcasts/surface-noise/episode-6-renegade/
  7. The profanity LP was my go-to Pulley CD in high school. I'll give this one a curious listen once it drops.
  8. I was actually on the fence for a while. The graphic that outlines the perks of the sub is a bit confusing. But when they released the Why VIP 7" and the Pfarmers LP in the same month, I figured why not and I signed up. I've been so happy with the two months so far that I signed up for the 2017 early bird subscription and the mystery 12" sub.
  9. You get at least one limited edition 7" per month, free shipping on all orders, and first-access to super limited edition variants of Joyful Noise releases. At the end of every year, you can sign up for the next year's early bird VIP subscription and get even better perks, like more 7"s and a shirt etc. This year, for 2017's early bird subscription, they introduced a new 12" mystery series that you could order alongside the regular early bird VIP sub. They also have pretty good customer service and seem down to earth and cool. On top of all those benefits, you also get the satisfaction of supporting an independent label that puts a lot of thought and effort into releasing good music and delivering an interesting product. This has been 6 sentences.
  10. Both of the released new songs are great. I don't need a t-shirt or a signature and I have a backlog of sealed and already pre-ordered records I have to listen to, so I'm in no rush to pre-order via PledgeMusic. Will buy via local shop or online in March though. This news makes me feel like I'm 20 again.
  11. I think the point was to create a ratings draw for the season premiere and not to make the most satisfying or well-received creative choice. Drawing out one narrative event across two hours with a break of several months in between doesn't feel like an inspired artistic choice, in my opinion.
  12. I'm loving this show so far. There has to be some fire to that smoke of keeping certain storylines completely separate and the difference in how real people react to being shot.
  13. Their 15% off coupon just ended yesterday. If you want to save some cash on this right away (and don't mind buying in person), I would buy their Groupon ($30 for $19) using a brand new account and use the 15% discount Groupon gives to new users. It'll end up being $30 for $14 which saves you $16 off the set. https://www.groupon.com/deals/amoeba-music-4 If you don't mind waiting, there should be another 15% Amoeba.com discount in a few weeks.
  14. My post is in reference to the LA Amoeba! Good luck. If I had more money and more time to play all my LPs, I'd love to own that set. Come back when you grab it and post a pic of you listening to hour 5.
  15. Yep. Their copy was behind the counter for the longest time but, a week or two ago, I saw it on the regular rack above the N card.
  16. Had no idea they were doing a new one. Thanks for the heads up. I was all about that Pinhead homage at the end of Cabin in the Woods.
  17. About 4 years ago, all 10 Hellraiser movies were on Netflix and my fiancé and I watched every single one in the span of two weeks. The first two movies are great and the rest are awful but worth watching as fodder for your own How Did This Get Made episode amongst your spouse/gf/bf/friends. There is a young Adam Scott cameo in the 4th movie (the last one to be released in theaters) and I believe sequels 5 through 9 are made from non-Hellraiser scripts that were hi-jacked to randomly include Pinhead and cenobites- they are really bad straight-to-Cinemax horror movies where Pinhead shows up 3 times, kills random people, then makes a weird speech at the end before killing the main people. The 10th sequel was written and shot and edited in like 6 months because the studio had to make a movie within a certain time limit to retain the Hellraiser rights. Doug Bradley, the dude who plays Pinhead, is not in the movie. Some young dude is Pinhead. It's weird and probably the least insane/most boring of all the movies.