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  1. I heard that distortion on my sea glass variant and thought my speakers or stylus were starting to go but it turned out to be the record itself. It's not bad enough for me to want a replacement or worry too much though.
  2. Did you get their email about this? If not, they realized their (aka their new shipping company's) mistake and are sending the correct variants plus gobbinjr. Said to just keep the incorrect variants.
  3. Hundreds of new and used records, CDs, and tapes. I've lowered prices on almost everything and I've also added quite a bit of titles since the last update. Click for full list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1D37rhhKfCutDyeVM0o7w8OEJCzTwsvByRr4fgZU0jnA/edit?usp=sharing Shipping is $5 flat. I use brand new Whiplash LP mailers and cardboard squares for extra protection. Orders that are too big or small to fit in a Whiplash mailer will ship in a different but still sturdy/safe mailer. PM me if you'd like to place an order. I take payments via PayPal. US only please. If you're international and want to pay registered/insured shipping costs (which will be very expensive, unfortunately), I can make that happen too. Thanks!
  4. Added some more things. Some records and tapes from Soild Gold/PIAPTK. And a new Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie box set. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1D37rhhKfCutDyeVM0o7w8OEJCzTwsvByRr4fgZU0jnA/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Many of these tracks could end up being unreleased for a reason but I'm riding the goodwill Petty's team and Warner have earned from the job they did on The Live Anthology and buying this.
  6. Added some items. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1D37rhhKfCutDyeVM0o7w8OEJCzTwsvByRr4fgZU0jnA/edit#gid=263169370
  7. Putting the drama, mystery, and reactions to the drama and mystery aside, the actual set is pretty outstanding. I usually have zero interest in the books included on stuff like this but I had a great time reading some of those essays and reading Petty's track by track notes. I'm through 4 of the 7 records and I've thoroughly enjoyed every second so far. I'm even contemplating labeling this my overall favorite release I own...
  8. Sold some stuff this weekend. If you were putting together a list, take another look and make sure it's still avail. Thanks!
  9. I agree in the quality difference between those two options. A professionally done $5-6 tape with $3-4 shipping is where it's at, IMO. When I get tapes I usually buy in bulk direct from a label and take advantage of sales/bundles/labels that price low all the time, so most every tape I've ever bought brand new has been an average of $4-6 with shipping factored in. All that said, labels make more money charging $10 for a tape and $5 for shipping and indie labels having more money is a good thing. If you're a big LVL UP fan and really like this album, grab that tape!
  10. Yeah. If I really really wanted a specific tape, like say that first Trace Mountains tape, I'd gladly pay $15 for it. But, as a baseline standard price and for releases I'm less obsessed about, it seems a little steep.
  11. $14.25 shipped for a cassette. Takes me back to the days of browsing through my local Sam Goody at CDs and tapes priced at $15-20. That premium price is keeping me from ordering immediately but hopefully I can stumble across a cheaper copy out in the wild or on sale.
  12. I got rid of the whole freebies element since no one was really claiming them. Instead I just lowered prices on almost everything. Take a look and let me know if you'd like to place an order. Thanks! Click for full list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1D37rhhKfCutDyeVM0o7w8OEJCzTwsvByRr4fgZU0jnA/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Music Direct shows backorder for me so I doubled my odds of not getting this at all and put in a Bullmoose order as a backup. I hope at least one of them comes through.
  14. Ah, the classic "Yeah, bro, we got a ton of copies, this is a whole new repress, dawg, spread the word to your buds, dude....*three days later* as of today, we can get copies but it won't be available very long" pivot.
  15. swb

    PO: The Offspring "Americana"

    I still listen to all my Reel Big Fish albums and enjoy them, so I am sympathetic to the idea of enjoying your middle school classics but, for whatever reason, Americana does not hold up at all for me. Smash is fine and Ixnay is almost not tolerable but Americana is really hard for me to get through. That said, I did project the video from Pretty Fly on a giant screen on the dance floor at my wedding...
  16. At least, they're selling it at retail prices and it's a great set worth buying. It'd be a huge bummer if they marked it up and it was a mediocre set whose appeal would be its scarcity. Stoked to finally have a copy of this for under $200.
  17. Yeah. It was a really nice gesture to send out the test press. They also sent me an email that broke down all the upcoming items they're sending out, like the sweater and slipmat, etc. On the other end of the spectrum, I had shipping issues with another label sub for the last 8-9 months, including a few spans where I'd not get a package at all for several months, and they couldn't figure out a way to get my orders in their queue. Finally, the shipping guy said he'd send me some extra stuff to thank me for my patience. They sent me a random CD from 2014 and some label stickers.
  18. The warping on my copies both had a gnarly lip warp that is harder to fix with a weight or clamp, since it's on the outside of the record and not distributed across from the middle out. You can put your copy between two panes of glass (steal them from your record frames or buy two record frames for $15) and put a crate of records or books on top and leave it in a warmer room for a few weeks and it'll get rid of the gnarliest part of the warp. Won't be perfect and takes more time than any oven fix but safer. Also clean the record before you do this or you'll add a bunch of noise to the grooves.
  19. swb

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    I know there aren't any of those flash sales where albums are reduced to $8 like the recent Beck and Taylor Swift LPs. But you could be right about their regular priced items being closer to $20-23 than ~$16-18. In the past, I'd end up buying more records I was on the fence about because they'd be $10-12 after all the reductions and, now, all the maybes are priced too high for me to jump on it.
  20. There's a seller on eBay from New Jersey who has sold like 30 copies and changes the price every few hours (or used to). At one point, it was like $70 and recently it was down to $34 to undercut other listings, so it would have to be someone who is getting these for wholesale prices since $34 is less than the $40 the 'stolen' copies are going for now. I wonder what that sellers relationship is to the pressing plant or the label.
  21. swb

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    I haven't noticed it with the items I've been looking up. Wouldn't surprise me though.
  22. Added two more Joyful Noise 12" White Label releases. PM me to order. Thanks!
  23. It was 1 test press and a note about the delays.
  24. Just got a package today with a Mock Orange test press. Very cool.