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  1. Ah, sorry! I had no idea Lauren would restock that a few days after. Worst case scenario, if you wanted to buy a copy from them instead, you can refuse the package and, once I receive it back, I can refund you. Otherwise, do let me know once you get it and are happy and have it safe in your shelves. Thanks, dude!
  2. I haven’t had any seam splits out of the 12 or so albums I’ve got from VMP but almost everything has been somewhat warped. 5-6 have had some kind of scratch that causes ticks or weird surface noise flare ups. Their support team is great about sending replacements so it hasn’t been too annoying in the end despite the frequency of issues.
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I am trying to leave you return feedback but the form is giving me errors. If you're reading this, I give No Humans a positive feedback for being a quick paying and pleasant buyer! :)

  4. FYI, I'm leaving for vacation on Saturday, so any messages or payment I get after this Thursday will receive a delayed response when I get back. If there's something you wanted soon, let me know and, if you pay by Thursday night, I can have it out in the mail before I leave. Otherwise, I'll be back when I'm done living that Disney World/Florida life.
  5. UPDATED 1/22/19: Hello. I just marked down a toooon of stuff! A few crazy great deals to be had here. Here is the list with prices and condition info: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1D37rhhKfCutDyeVM0o7w8OEJCzTwsvByRr4fgZU0jnA/edit?usp=sharing Stuff I Think is Worth Highlighting: Several Sounds Delicious limited edition cover LPs (Kickstarter Deluxe Editions!) MARKED DOWN! Tons of sealed CDs from Topshelf Records and Tiny Engines priced at $3 or less Rare/limited PIAPTK/Soild Gold records and tapes, including the Grandaddy 'Arm of Roger' side project tape and Scott McMicken LP/tape Tons of Joyful Noise Recordings VIP releases, including VIP 7" and White Label 12" releases Still sealed R.E.M. - Live 3xLP box set Lots more stuff Many of them are unplayed and/or still sealed. The used items are graded conservatively. No order minimum. Shipping is $5 flat. I use brand new, heavy duty Whiplash mailers with extra cardboard squares. Large orders and non-LP-sized small orders may ship in a different but still safe/secure/well packed mailer. Orders go out same or next business day (Monday - Friday) as payment received. PM me to order. Thanks!
  6. I'm selling my Parrot Flies half orange/green Asian Man variant. It has a medium warp but plays OK. $18 shipped. PM me if you dig it.
  7. Added a few things: Algernon Cadwallader - Parrots Flies (Asian Man variant) Christine and the Queens - Chris Full list here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1D37rhhKfCutDyeVM0o7w8OEJCzTwsvByRr4fgZU0jnA/edit?usp=sharing Ordering info in the first post! Thanks!
  8. VMP is priced pretty high and marketed toward a certain class/income demographic that can afford to burn a pretty penny in the name of diving into something new and exciting. I know I went through a phase where I was spending way too much money on way too many records and I’m sure we’ve all went nuts to some degree before we realized we don’t need to buy entire discographies just to say we own entire discographies or buy jazz and ‘important’ records that we aspire to one day like. The difference is we probably did that on our own and researched different labels and hunted down deals, etc, and some other people just log on to the VMP forums and buy whatever is linked or talked about there in one convenient location. I can’t knock them for being new or excited about stuff and being privileged enough to afford to spend hundreds of dollars on impulse buys. What did irk me when I posted there was the cult like feedback loop of affirmation that sometimes developed and turned into weirdly demanding and aggressive behavior toward VMP employees. A small glitch or error would be spun into a catastrophic event that made them question everything they ever believed about the company. There were a handful of posters who were downright rude to employees and moderators and, because they had built an online friendship with other frequent posters, were never really called out or confronted about their outbursts. Many times their expectations of how fast their orders should arrive, what order they should arrive, how fast customer support should respond, how perfect a record sleeve should be, how much transparency there should be with the company’s finances and business decisions, and similar subjects was so high and unprecedented. I’ve never seen a company the size of VMP answer their customers questions on the forums 24/7, outside of business hours, and be so patient and as transparent as they can be and, somehow, every few days or weeks, there’d be a blow up where VMP was framed as being a soulless, lying company that didn’t care about their customers at all. And if anyone was like “Hey, let’s relax. This is a vinyl club that is already providing insane customer support and endless replacements”, that person would be accused of gaslighting and censoring and emotionally harming the people who were calling for VMP’s head. After a few years of being a forum poster, it started to give me some anxiety and trigger me a little bit (lol) because it seemed a lot like groupmind borderline personality disorder (“I LOVE YOU! I HATE YOU! I’M LEAVING! DON’T LEAVE ME!”) and I’ve dealt with that in my personal life and didn’t need to be reading that cycle every week. This post is a lot longer than I was expecting it to be and I sound a little traumatized. Haha. Consider me a survivor sharing my tale.
  9. swb


    Man. I vaguely remember this parody video and I'm hoping someone out there saved it.
  10. Has anyone had luck with SmartPunk's customer support? I got a copy of the new Mustard Plug reissue that has multiple skips and SmartPunk ignored my email. I ended up opening a PayPal dispute and District Lines (their parent company?) messaged me right away and said they'd get SmartPunk to help. Within an hour, SmartPunk sent me a brief email ("We're going to forward this to our fulfillment folks!") but it's been radio silence in the 2 weeks since. I'm covered via PayPal but just curious if SmartPunk is normally this unhelpful.
  11. It feels like DJ made a low level deal with the devil sometime around his Saint Bartlett album. You can lease my soul for 1,000 years and, in exchange, you will give me the power to release the most consistent, decently reviewed, well respected mature indie songwriter albums every year until I die.
  12. swb


    Not sure, to be honest. It’s always possible it was a coincidental thing, if Google does auto-generate ads, but I remember it seemed more egregious than that. The screenshot was posted in the VMP forums a while ago and a VMP staff member said they’d noted it but didn’t elaborate further.
  13. swb


    Would that setting cause your ad to mimic a competitor’s title and catch phrase/description, as well? Usually, the ads are obviously for Company B with language directed at customers searching for Compny A. This example was Company B using a very similar title and description to Company A and the only clue that they weren’t Company A was the URL.
  14. swb


    Also, funny story. A few years back, VNYL put “Vinyl Me Please” as one of their Google ad words (and styled their paid search listing to look exactly like the VMP search result, including using the ad title “Vinyl Me Please”) to trick people searching for VMP to go to their website. Very not allowed by Google’s terms and policies but VNYL are LOLok tech asshole trolls who DGAF.
  15. swb


    IMO, VMP is 1,000x better than VNYL. VMP is expensive and their marketing is very Vinyl As A Lifestyle Accessory at times but they actually put some energy and thought into their exclusives, release a decent range of genres and titles, and their customer support is nuts. They’ll replace any defective or damaged records immediately without questions and they let their customers yell at them and be insanely picky about corner dings and they gladly serve them with a smile. To me, their high prices are what keep them from being a practical recommendation for me. On the other hand, VNYL has consistently put out a poor product and service and survives mostly on the strength of their branding and tech biz savvy. If they release a well thought out exclusive here and there, it’s the exception, whereas with VMP, they release some gnarly and well-produced exclusives every single month. This concludes my ad for a service I actually don’t care too much about and only use when I get it for free or a major discount.
  16. IMO, it’s pretty much the same core/style with less dependence on guitars to drive everything. Instead of just throwing in an extra layer of guitar, there are other instruments/effects used and everything else gets a little more foreground and time in the light. Reminds me a little bit of the last Paramore album which is the only Paramore album I like. If you dig their last album, I’d stick with this a little more before writing it off.
  17. swb


    They seem to market towards new collectors, younger people, and college students who fit the Urban Outfitters demographic who aren't as savvy or obsessive about records yet.
  18. Sleeve City has a few oversized sleeves. Unfortunately, any larger sleeve will most likely be too loose or tight as 3-5 LP packaging tends to vary a lot in size. So it’ll be trial and error and compromise on your part.
  19. Edit: Cosmogramma sold. Still have Mitski. I got warped-but-no-skip copies of Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma and Mitski - Bury Me at Makeout Creek VMP editions for $16 each shipping included. $30 shipped for both. PM me if that sounds like something you’d dig! Thanks.
  20. Off the top of my head, I'd add Great Grandpa, Forth Wanderers, and Bethlehem Steel to this quick list. Bully, Petal, and Camp Cope are cool too but I was actually not as stoked on their newer/sophomore LPs so I feel obligated to list them separately from Bliss, Great Grandpa, etc. Hop Along are more veteran than those bands but they are awesome and deserve mention. There were some other cool bands that released random tape singles and EPs in 2015-2017 in this same genre/sound but I'd have to look at my notes to recall the names since I listen to so many tapes by bands with silly hard-to-remember names.
  21. I’ve been desperately waiting for round 2 of all these awesome new grunge-y non-bro bands that released albums in 2015-2017. Hoping for a new All Dogs LP soon too.
  22. Added some records and tapes! Eric Gaffney - A Casseterospective (10 Tape Box Set) Rob Crow - Artist in Residence (12 record box set) Magnetic Fields - 50 Song Memoir (5xLP Box Set) Mark Dippel - Mild Agoraphobia (2018 Joyful Noise VIP White Label Series) LP Chewing (members of Local Natives) - Pacific Ocean Blue (Dennis Wilson cover album) (Sounds Delicious Kickstarter Deluxe) LP Sleater-Kinney - The Woods 2xLP (2018 Vinyl Me Please Pressing) Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma (2019 Vinyl Me Please Pressing) Wilco - Being There (Deluxe 2017 Box Set Edition) Full list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1D37rhhKfCutDyeVM0o7w8OEJCzTwsvByRr4fgZU0jnA/edit?usp=sharing PM me to order.
  23. I'm selling my copy of the Rob Crow 2018 Artist in Residence vinyl box set. Please note that a majority of the records have light to heavy warps. All play tested on a U-Turn Orbit with Grado Black 2 cartridge with no skips. Some of the more warped copies are one sided LPs and the worst of the warp is more visible on the non-playable side. Cost is $200 + $7 shipping. PM me to see videos of the warps and place your order. Thanks!
  24. Never forget VC’s valuable contribution to the cluster F by leaking the store link an hour before it was sent to their mailing list (the place the band told everyone the post-RSD pre-order would be). I saw the mailing list link and bought it within 1 minute and I still had to wait several months for the SECOND pressing, since the leaked link had incurred an entire pressing’s worth of sales before we had a chance. Lol. Great memories.
  25. The bad news is these cool tickets are impossible to get but the good news is John Vanderslice has a new album coming out and you can buy tickets to his upcoming tour probably up to the very day of the show.