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  1. Hi all, Vol. 1 on the Petty box sets is currently on backorder, production delays on the label side has unfortunately delayed this set... We're doing our best to get more stock in ASAP.
  2. Will see what I can find! We do have the bundle available now - https://www.popmarket.com/products/the-jam-1977-1982-studio-albums-6-lp All 6 studio album LPs!
  3. Hi all, Some great feedback and suggestions here, let me recap and answer some questions in one post... keep em comin & thanks for all of this! 1. Regarding the e-mail frequency - we just rolled out a test yesterday to send a single daily e-mail with all of the deals in it, opposed to 3 unique artist specific e-mails. We have definitely ramped up the e-mail marketing, as its our main traffic source, but are working towards scaling it back a little, as well as creating a preference center where you can modify your e-mail frequency some more 2. Inventory feeling
  4. Apologies for any poor experiences you've had in the past, it's currently our top priority to optimize our customer service experience and avoid these issues moving forward.
  5. First - thanks for your order & glad you're enjoying the set! We've heard this from a number of customers and identified a glitch in the Shopify backend that was not sending out some shipping confirmation e-mails, it's been fixed though so moving forward you should be able to get tracking on all domestic orders.
  6. Hey there, no more gated login! That's long gone. Great idea on SMS alerts! Hi Mr Mojo, Unfortunately the global free shipping was just not sustainable and we can no longer offer it, sorry!
  7. Most definitely! We've been doing plenty of Sub Pop lately, working on the rest.
  8. We've recently added multiple shipping options to Canada, check it out if you haven't in a few weeks. With Daily Deal products - since we offer free shipping in the US, you will only have one option to Canada (and will only be able to add that one Daily Deal product to your cart - don't ask, weird quirk of the webstore, if you add multiple products to your cart on Daily Deal to Canada it won't work - working on a fix for this, but for now best we can do).
  9. Not going to get involved here, but yes we do have to - and want to - serve our loyal customers, who keep our lights on, as best we can. Which definitely includes being flexible on canceling orders when needed & replying as fast we can.
  10. We have a lot of fans that ONLY buy the massive box sets - you'd be surprised how popular they are (I guess that's why the labels keep puttin em out!) I've been trying to get some more current records up there and we do have a solid collection building - also recently added Era search in the nav bar, so you can filter out from 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's and 10's - should help. As for the pricing - our Daily Deal prices are normally very competitive and below the retail cost you would find them anywhere else, but we do need to keep competitive pricing so we stay
  11. Things happen, we get it... we appreciate all customers & fans just comin to check the site out, we work hard to program the best daily deals at the best prices and I try to keep the offers compelling daily.
  12. Thanks for your response, we hear you! We are currently working on some staffing challenges but have recently added some full time, dedicated customer service reps that will significantly expedite the response time for order inquiries. As for the cancellation policy, that goes hand in hand with the customer service staffing, we aim to reply to all inquiries within 24 hours (before an order would ship), so will definitely be able to assist quicker there should you need to cancel. Also, just to give some context behind the customer service issues - I am WELL aware of th
  13. Hi all I'm Ian, from NYC and I run the programming for www.popmarket.com - scheduling Daily Deals, loading the store up with new records daily and am curious what you guys like/dislike about the site if you've ordered from us before? We're a small operation - used to be owned by Sony, recently spun off as an independent group of 8 people - and value any & all feedback. So, if you have any artists or specific records you want to see us put on the site, or any general questions/criticisms - would love to answer & chat! Thanks, Ian

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