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  1. Slint- Spiderland Polvo- Exploded Drawing Don Caballero- For Respect Shellac- At Action Park
  2. Many thanks for the headsup! Couldn't pass this one up for $10 as well. One of my favorite bands but always balked at the price of this release.
  3. Hi Folks, Looking for some suggestions on upgrading my turntable. Currently running a heavily modified Pro-Ject Debut III (totally rewired, upgraded motor bearings, Ortofon 2M Blue, acrylic platter) through a McIntosh C26 preamp to Yamaha HS80Ms that double as my studio monitors. The Pro-Ject has a been a good table for the past ten years I've had it, but it's reached the limits of mods before it just makes sense to take it a step up and then slowly upgrade. Been thinking about moving towards a refurbished Thorens TD-160 or going the totally opposite way with a used Rega P5 or higher. Then if I really want to blow the budget, go with a new clearaudio Concept. Any suggestions either way on these tables or something else that might be under my radar would be appreciated. Looking to spend around $1k used hopefully. Thanks!
  4. Hey Folks, This is my first voyage here on VC. I've been looking to complete my Sunn0))) collection. So close and yet so far. Been looking for the following: White 1 Flight of the Behemoth Candlewolff ov Thee Golden Chalice La Reh 012 Нежить CroMonolithic Remixes for an Iron Age Angel Coma I know I'm new here, but I have great ratings on discogs. If someone has something they are interested in selling or trading for, please let me know! https://www.discogs.com/user/RedRabbit/collection Most records are up for discussion in a trade. Thanks!