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  1. Pre-orders for Russian Circles Live at dunk!fest 2016 [2xLP] are now available through A Thousand Arms (US) and the dunk!store (EU). Artwork by Error! Design with two vinyl variants available (Bronze Splatter in Bone and Color in Color Orange in Bone). http://www.athousandarms.com/dunkmerch/russian-circles-live-at-dunkfest-2016-2xlp
  2. Astralia's new album "Solstice" is up for pre-order through A Thousand Arms (US & Canada) and Aloud Music (EU). Album releases on April 22nd on 2xLP and CD. Pre-order here: http://www.athousandarms.com/astralia/
  3. New Terraformer LP 'Mineral' is available on our webstore. Orange vinyl and Purple with Black Splatter vinyl variants. We only got in a handful of these so if you want it, get it now: http://www.athousandarms.com/dunkmerch/terraformer-mineral-lp Also, we have some of Kokomo's second edition of 'Monochrome Noise Love' up for sale for those that may have missed out on the first run. New vinyl colors are pretty slick: http://www.athousandarms.com/dunkmerch/kokomo-monochrome-noise-love-2xlp As always, use promo code: vinylcollective to get 10% off your vinyl order. Thanks!
  4. Yes, new Appalaches song is very good. New Glories and Of the Vine songs coming this Friday via a new compilation we have put together called "Hemispheres: Volume I". This compilation consists of two sides, Side A featuring bands from the Northern Hemisphere and Side B featuring bands from the Southern Hemisphere. Post-rock/metal/math and a little bit of everything in between. https://athousandarms.bandcamp.com/
  5. In case you missed it... we have a handful of Pelican's Live at dunk!festival 2016 2xLPs back in stock and shipping now. http://www.athousandarms.com/pelican
  6. Hey coreystevens88, Pelican vinyl is on its way over from Belgium. No definite arrival date. Hoping it's this or the following week. We will get copies shipped out as soon as we can.
  7. Lost In Kiev - Nuit Noire [2xLP] The Seven Mile Journey - Templates for Mimesis [2xLP] Flash The Readies - Kayos [LP] Pray For Sound - Everything Is Beautiful (EU Edition) [2xLP] All in stock and on sale through next Monday at http://www.athousandarms.com/ Shirt and vinyl bundles for Astralia, Lost In Kiev, Terraformer, and Ranges as well.
  8. Hey Guys, Pelican is releasing a 2xLP of their performance at dunk!festival 2016 through dunk!records and pre-orders are underway. We have a limited quantity for sale at A Thousand Arms if anyone is interested. We were only given 75 to sell and more than half are gone since we launched the pre-order this morning. In other news, we will have a small vinyl restock of Nuit Noire by Lost In Kiev along with a few copies of The Seven Mile Journey's new 2xLP and the new LP from Flash The Readies available this Friday. And since it's Black Friday we will have them marked down a bit. Thanks!
  9. Thanks man! I think we all wish we could have gone further with both Crown and Kingdom on the Ranges 7". Had to keep it around 4:30 to make it fit at 45 RPM though. It was a weird restriction to work with when we were writing. New stuff will have more room to breathe!
  10. Thanks guys for sharing all of this and for partaking in the small amounts of vinyl we have been getting in from dunk! Glad to hear that the "minor packaging damage" wasn't too horrible for anyone. We should be getting in some more releases in the coming weeks (new The Seven Mile Journey, Flash The Readies, and a special live recording on vinyl from one of the bands on dunk!16 that I'm really excited about). I've heard rumors that there has been a lot of teamwork through this site in getting bulk orders from Belgium for new releases and I'm hoping that we can help make that all easier for everyone. Please feel free to email me at anytime about any of the releases currently in the dunk!store and maybe we can work something out to help save everyone a little bit of money in getting those formats over here to the states. As a side note, I haven't participated in a forum for years. So forgive my obvious newbie actions as I figure this all out. C.J. A Thousand Arms [email protected]