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  1. Absolutely love it. I'm so excited for this album, holy cow.
  2. Emilio Earhart

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    they don't press their exclusives themselves, so at this point, probably not
  3. whichever way this goes, someone loses such is life
  4. don't post it, it'll be better that way
  5. grabbed this, hopefully this pressing isn't paper-thin like the gold HT pressing was
  6. Emilio Earhart

    PO Now: The Chainsmokers - Memories... Do Not Open

    found a copy on white vinyl, did anyone know about this?
  7. I got my copy of this today and it's super great! Governed By Contagions is mixed differently in the context of the album and I feel as though it sounds much better.
  8. got mine in today as well! pressing sounds really great, the yellow is kind of translucent and more like clear highlighter green. have a small seam split near the top, was under the impression this was supposed to be a gatefold? either way, impressed with this pressing. would be even more impressed if i didn't watch my mailman drop it onto my concrete porch from about a distance of four feet, but whatever
  9. New song. I'm so, so excited for this album!
  10. both of these songs rule, I'm excited for this!
  11. Emilio Earhart

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    reading would be your friend
  12. Emilio Earhart

    PO Soon: The Vinyl Collective Story

    PO'd my variant through Mahogany Records