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  1. Ordered the box set but would LOVE to have Year of the Rabbit on vinyl.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! Too good of a deal, especially with the coupon code above.
  3. Bought from DeepDiscount and they sent me the wrong record. As soon as they exchange for the Filter record, I'll report back on the sound quality.
  4. Same. Bands have been choosing him for a reason. He's a good producer and I've enjoyed a lot of what comes out of his studio.
  5. Exactly. Someone in the TGUK camp (friends, family, label, studio engineer) should have said, "is this REALLY what you want?" I get that saturation/driven signal path gives a track some liveliness, but this is over the top and takes away from what are some decent songs.
  6. Agree. It appears whoever either mixed and/or mastered this applied way too much saturation on the mix bus or master. The high hats and cymbals are so shrill it's hard to listen to. I kept listening all the same and the songs, for the most part, are great TGUK songs. I just wish the mix/master was approached differently.
  7. I've been waiting for this for a long time. Definitely Filter at their best. I still listen to this album a LOT. Can't wait to hear it on vinyl.
  8. I'm also looking for Lost In Translation soundtrack if anyone comes across an extra. I'll throw in a few bucks for your troubles.
  9. Luckily my bank reimbursed me immediately so no money lost. I'll be buying a copy at an upcoming show.
  10. Thank you so much! Ordered. I love my Fragile and Broken Definitive Editions.
  11. Can anyone confirm if this is the Definitive Edition? If so, I'm all over this.
  12. I prefer this record to their others. Instrumental progressive music suits them well.