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  1. What happened did he go to jail or not? I couldn’t find anything about him being locked up on the county site.
  2. Dead Bars full length on No Idea. Got it at a show they played here in Chicago.
  3. We spell it that way so it looks more like Ramones. We are big Nirvana fans too though! Just wanted to make it unique and not just someone’s last name.
  4. https://kobanes.bandcamp.com/album/in-with-the-out-patients check out our new EP!
  5. Ha maybe during the Kerplunk days.
  6. Mineral, Knapsack, God’s Reflex, Carcass, Head, You Blew It!, Manges.
  7. Man I wish I bought that. It’s like the perfect punk album.
  8. Beatnik Termites. Ya who spells Nirvana wrong? Crazy!
  9. So what the he’ll happened with this? Is he in jail or not? Couldn’t find anything about the case.
  10. Check out this new video for the movie Burying The Ex. We got some songs on the soundtrack! New album coming soon!! https://youtu.be/6NePgICFBqg
  11. No Idea is pretty bad. Lots of stuff on the site in stock is actually mot in stock & then they say pick something else out but if you don't actually know what's in stock how is that possible? Plus some items like Boogada Boogada Boogada is on the sitr but says out of stock. So not only do they leave up the out of stock items hey also have many items notes as in stock but not really in stock. For someone that such a huge fest each year you'd think they'd be more professional.
  12. Ha, its not bad. Did you go to Bartlett High School? I graduated in 2001.
  13. Hi, here is what I have in my distro: http://geetrecords.wordpress.com Cheers! - Edward
  14. Way too make me feel welcome on this thing. I don't consider the weakerthans emo. Alright,I whore my band because I think we rock and that we have the potential to be as big as green day. I don't really know why Jason quit the band other than he wasn't making enough money. We are playing abbey pub this Saturday. And if I am a coffee I would be a white chocolate truffle espresso mocha.
  15. Ho ho ho. I am new to this message board. I am a regular punker. And that means I do not listen to weezer or the weakerthans. So please feel free to ask me any questions about Chicago bands. The Kobanes is the one I am in and I like Off with their heads a lot as well as all the pop punk and even some emo bands from the 90's. I even put out a godstomper 7''. It would be cool if you came to one of our shows. We have two albums and have toured Japan. Phillip Hill recently played bass for us. Please make a donation to him if you can for his hospital bill. Myspace.com/thecobains27