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  1. Scott is a really nice dude. At least he has the balls to call 'em like he sees 'em. I personally hate reunions. I could have gone the rest of my life without hearing a new Lifetime album and I probably saw them 50 times the first time around. But hey, live and let live. As David Cross said paraphrasing Rodney King, can't we all just shut the fuck up?"
  2. I couldn't make it out for RSD. Does anyone have a copy of "Justice Replaced By Revenge" that they want to part with? thanks O
  3. Most women in yoga classes aren't there to meet men. If you wind up going a lot and taking it seriously you have a better chance of meeting someone. That said, it's a much harder workout than most people think. Be prepared.
  4. One of us should apply for the job of record shipper in order in insure the albums all make it safely to their final resting place. Who else is more qualified to ship records properly? I can envision a movie being made about the story of the elite team of civilian record mailers and their wacky times on a small military base in the Pacific. There could be a storm. A lost, super-valuable album. Forbidden romance among one of the "packers" and a stern military man.
  5. I have an autographed copy of Claudio's graphic novel.
  6. And they have them both on black too! Classy operation. No black no soul.
  7. Add "Our Man In Paris" to that list. Sonny's my favorite by a long shot but Dexter Gordon was amazing. I have originals of so many of those already, but the reissues sound so good it's ridiculous. If I had five grand to blow on records I'd go nuts on that store.
  8. Any news on the repress of Seizures In Barren Praise? It's one of those albums where you're like "How is it I don't already have that?" I'm still not 100% sure I haven't simply misfiled it but as anal as I am about filing things correctly I doubt that's the case. thanks O
  9. I just want the record. I ordered from Interpunk and I still don't have it.
  10. The reissue of Blue Train by Coletrane is insanely good. I ripped it using Final Vinyl and it sounds like he's playing the sax in my living room.