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  1. Searching for a copy of WCAR Signed. Cold Like War. Im willing to set up a trade pluss cash or streight up trade. Just as an example I have the 3 Our Last Night Records Signed. I'd Gladly trade all 3 for this record.
  2. you ever sell this? I know it was a while ago lol
  3. I have the orange and yellow swirl. Not holo cover tho
  4. Just snagged one. Wish I knew what color it was but at this point for $17 I'm not gonna ask questions.
  5. •Tash Sultana-orange&yellow swirl. •Our last night-Younger Dreams, pink splat •Our last night-selective hearing. White&gray splat •Big D And The Kids Table- Fluent In Stroll Blue& beer •Alice In Chains- live face-lift. Numbered •the devil wears Prada. A beautiful discord& plagues. Clear vinyl. There are more but let me know what you like ill pull some stuff out.
  6. Anyone got a copy they wanna let go. I've got a bunch to trade and cash. Lmk what you like.
  7. Only 50 of these made. Very hard to come by. Looking for the right buyer. I'll consider offers. Rainbow splatter. Brand new condition.
  8. Dr.acula just did press S.L.O.B. it's beautiful. Also have one for sale.
  9. Looking to buy the new copy of Zebraheads Get Nice Signed. Willing to pay more than you did!!!!
  10. Looking to buy the copy of get nice that sold out so fast I ddnt get a chance. Willing to pay more than what you bought it for.
  11. Looking for the red vinyl and 7" of the album God bless Satan by Mepheskapheles with slip mat.
  12. Tommongod


    Looking for Congregation of The Damned by -Atreyu Rise or die Trying - Four years strong (purple with yellow) Homesick -A Day To Remember( purple)