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  1. Anyone have an extra copy of the signed TOTDY soundtrack the would part with?
  2. Has anyone compared the quality of the Mondo versions to the standard releases that came out shortly after the series?
  3. The remixes are pointless but the demos/out takes are worth it on these sets. The White Album set was unreal, especially the cd version. I would have bought a 8 LP box with all those extra takes.
  4. damn! My only hope is that they changed the listing because it technically isn't out until friday, but I assume I missed out. too bad.
  5. lucky! I'll probably pick up a cleaner copy at some point when I don't know what else to spend my money on. I couldn't make amoeba this past friday for TOTDY so I'm hoping they put some signed copies up online in the next couple days.
  6. the pink one (which was a french release) is hard to find in good condition. Amazon mangled a lot them while shipping, though it looks like discogs has some in decent shape but they go for next to 90 bucks now. My personal copy got quite bent and i've seen quite a few others look just like it.
  7. https://www.amoeba.com/the-neon-demon-ost-color-vinyl-lp-cliff-martinez/albums/3844533/?code=ACEEdoTeiUw&gclid=Cj0KCQjwp5_qBRDBARIsANxdcim_55dC9C25XCjO7ogqGoJf--pJ6w_N977lSyD21_Yu9bFla876zBQaAoCNEALw_wcB#used
  8. Selling the original splatter variant of Mondo's Halloween OST, signed by John Carpenter https://www.ebay.com/itm/303183354621 also have an original pressing of Prince of Darkness in my other items.
  9. Amoeba Hollywood still had a few yesterday. You can call and see if they'd ship you one.
  10. long shot, but has anyone seen the Alice Cooper release pop up anywhere for a reasonable price? *EDIT* Looks like i just got one one discogs for face value! Hopefully the order goes through.
  11. Freak Beat in Sherman Oaks and CD Trader in Tarzana are good options as well. I live right in between Ventura and LA and I've been going to Salzers in Ventura for RSD. I don't like the place much as a normal go-to shop but for RSD they get a ton of stock and not too huge of a crowd (comparatively to Amoeba)
  12. I for one think the 3" player is a fun novelty thing. I'll probably get one to set up as a display item on my 7" shelf with 3" records in a mini crate. It's no different than displaying toys or pictures. You guys don't have to take everything so seriously. No one expects it to sound good.
  13. I signed back up right after the Sleep vault window closed, so I am in for this and am going to the show on Saturday (flying from California for it) I do agree that some of the extra items have seemed very cheap lately. I guess some people are in to slip mats but I've got an acrylic platter on my table so have no need for it. Overall I feel the costs are balanced out through the 4 vaults per year though, as they seem to go all out on at least one (like ICKY X) and I'm assuming the third or fourth vault this year will be The White Stripes XX which will probably be a pretty big release. At the end of the day it's really only about 55 bucks you're paying for the goods anyhow with shipping considered.
  14. I was able to nab a test press this time around. First time I've scored one.
  15. I cancelled my subscription for the first time in about 3 years with this one. I've been uninterested in a couple others and have just sold them but don't want to bother with it this time around. I'll re-up for the inevitable Racs Vault.