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  1. So apparently the color versions of the reissues are still available (newly available?) on Thrill Jockey, though sold out on bandcamp. Just snagged the yellow S/T, blue RTS, and rainbow WR. They also have green copies of Sonic Citadel and most press of Fantasy Empire
  2. Is it safe to assume the Light Pink is the tour exclusive rather than the Light Yellow? Since that what seems to be available on the Heartworm site
  3. Yes I own every copy of every record ever manufactured, no one else has any and that's why I'm gonna be rich SORRY
  4. Ok really guys? If anyone can show me a bad Alex G song I will give you my entire record collection.... Can't wait to look like an absolute genius and be a millionaire in 50 years because of my rare records and wealth of knowledge on the world's future most respected musical artist. All I can say is that if you don't like every single thing ever released by this person/band then you haven't listened to them enough, simple truth right there. Only the sleepers will sleep I suppose PS. If anyone here is caught using "mediocre" and "Alex G" in the same sentence again I will track you down and fart on your pillows
  5. lmao yes I did (and I'm sure you're joking) but also its supposed to be "GITD Blue" so the color was a giveaway
  6. Damn wtf same here.. I'm going to reach out as well but please update if you hear back
  7. that is............ disgusting. all who were successful in this venture are now my sworn enemies
  8. Wait how do you know if you got the colored variant? Did they have a separate option when it first went up? Sorry if dumb question, I just never order anything directly from numero
  9. So maybe yellow is looking like indie-exclusive? I would love a nice smokey clear black & red type variant so this is me willing it into existence
  10. Ah true, good call! I ended up nabbing the splatter when FMB went live and there's been so many pressings this year I forgot about where it all started
  11. Definitely had to go with the Spiced Pumpkin based solely off the color scheme of the album art. Not to mention I don't recall Flightless ever releasing any A-side/B-side swirl variants prior to this, unless the white & green Leah Senior album was
  12. Sorry the answer is only revealed to you after you purchase every single variant of all their records, keep working on it!!!
  13. Ordered a Grape Roll-Up edition, didn't want to spend $30 on this either but considering its CF's 100th release and the OCS 20th it had to be done... seems to be about 326 left on the store now?
  14. That Fuzz Club version is going to undoubtedly be beautiful but that's a hefty price tag for something like this, here's another a 'label' with a very cheap option /250 if anyone is so inclined http://needlejuicerecords.com/product/polygondwanalandlp/ this is stressful
  15. I would also like 1!!! PS Stolen Body sold out of that first /250 ogre + splatter variant but they seemed to have added a "tricolor" red, blue, & yellow variant as well!!
  16. Okay so who's ready to press a VinylCollective exclusive variant of Polygondwanaland!!!!
  17. Hey so I picked up a copy of this record at The Mountain Goats show in Atlanta last night and it's a totally different deluxe/limited variant on Midnight Blue Splatter and I can't find any information on it whatsoever. ATL was the first tour stop and the merch-person didn't seem to have any insider info on the record other than they "had about 100 or so in the van" - I'm not sure what this could mean for numbers ... anyways here is your proof https://www.discogs.com/The-Mountain-Goats-Goths/release/10336998
  18. So I didn't have enough disposable income during the time of its limited pre-sale so I was just wondering if anyone grabbed any extra bundles / was that even allowed? I would so so love to have both the book and record in my collection for a price not wildly far from the point of purchase. Obviously this is not exactly the type of thing someone would order to get rid of but figured I'd ask.
  19. Thank you for this, I sent his personal fb accout a message. Also haha I also created an account just to keep up with this topic (though I've always checked the forums without participation)
  20. I was desperately checking the PDR website as I do at least once a month and came to find that is officially expired and no longer operable... Obviously it's almost undeniably a scam or just not going to happen at this point, but still I am very sad