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  1. Someone on reddit just posted that he is looking to trade some of his Coheed records. Maybe he would be willing to sell. Can't vouch for the seller or anything but figured I would pass it along. Good luck! https://www.reddit.com/r/VinylCollectors/comments/69e4xw/for_trade_various_rarer_coheed_and_cambria_records/
  2. Are you talking about a 1/4" adapter? A lot of those adapters are tip, ring, sleeve (TRS). You will notice that there are rings on the plug itself. Try not plugging the adapter into the amp all the way (you can usually feel it click over the rings as you push it in). Instead of pushing in all the way, just push in one click. This has worked for me with fickle PA systems that just won't seem to accept certain 1/4" plugs and only play one channel. Try it with music playing (out of your phone or whatever) and play with it until both channels come through. tl;dr Don't push the ada
  3. Please excuse the neophyte question: When does one need to be concerned with impedance matching of speakers/receivers when buying equipment? I notice A LOT of speakers do not even make note of their impedance and neither do some receivers. I have even read on different sites that impedance matching isn't a concern for most solid state equipment. Coming from the world of mixing live sound and guitar amp/cabinet matching, impedance matching is something I am very familiar with and is often a major concern. Thanks in advance!
  4. Lou Reed - "Street Hassle" The Flaming Lips - "Dark Side of the Moon"
  5. I think this is a common issue with this turntable. I have the same turntable and it does the same thing. Freaked me out for a day or two but then I realized my records all play well and it doesn't seem to affect any contact with the needle. I probably know as much as you but from my experience it isn't an issue.
  6. Definitely some serj in there. This song does not excite me, and I love the band. Still got my tickets for NYC though.
  7. http://revillagroovesandgear.com Revilla Grooves and Gear 38 N Main St, Milltown, NJ 08850 Darren is a solid guy and the prices are right on. He definitely gets some oddball punk and hardcore every so often, tons of reggae, jazz, and classic rock. A good mix of everything I want in a record store.

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