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  1. We had just gotten an amazing collection in prior to everything shutting down, so we’re slowly putting it up for mail order on our instagram, check it out : https://instagram.com/doubledeckerrecords?igshid=13bkdb1bo9hn8
  2. Reviving this because I also have a double black copy with these etchings and still can't find any info (my google search only had this link). Has anyone gained any new info over the last three years EDIT- I created a Discogs entry, which includes some photo comparisons to a 2012 repress. Both have the "Recordsd" typo in the jacket, but the cover is a little more off white than my 2012 copy, and the labels are different textures https://www.discogs.com/Say-Anything-Is-A-Real-Boy/release/13546811
  3. https://www.discogs.com/user/LCWest27/collection Been collecting for almost 15 years
  4. Spun the ST last night, sounded miles above my black bootleg I'd gotten a few years ago. Loud bass
  5. Just picked up the self-titled and Mezmerize, sucks the artwork is super pixelated...
  6. My silver copy arrived today! Haven't had a chance to spin it yet
  7. New repress /1000, 500 on purple and 500 on black. Ships out October https://nowflensing.com/collections/current-releases/products/have-a-nice-life-deathconsciousness-dlp-zine-1?variant=40939177741
  8. Have an original Toxicity but am beyond stoked for an official ST pressing. I can finally get rid of my shitty bootleg I bought at the shore years ago!
  9. Pre-Order from Chimera's Store Release date is August 31 'All My Kin' is the strange and somewhat unbelievable album by an artist called Beanpole. “Starving artist” must have been their mode of recording as stories of farming, eating, and disfigured animal-human hybrids course throughout the record. Very little is known about Beanpole, but it is widely recognized by collectors that most of the music originated from the late 1980s and early 1990s. Some sources maintain Beanpole is still active, although evidence remains unsubstantiated. Primus’ Les Claypool claims he attempted to release a decade’s worth of Beanpole recordings on his Prawn Song label in the ‘90s. We’re told that the tracks were delivered to the mastering studio on worn-out cassette tapes and dusty DATs. As legend has it, when Claypool played the mastered tracks to his distributor, the response from company executives was poor. As a result, Claypool was summarily dismissed from his business relationship with the distribution company, effectively ending his label. For nearly 20 years thereafter, the tracks were to remain forgotten. Fast forward to 2017 when Claypool was touring with Sean Lennon as The Claypool Lennon Delirium. Les played the old, neglected recordings to Sean, who decided that the world was finally ready for Beanpole!