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  1. kohjinagata

    WTB Manchester Orchestra

    I've messaged everyone in here I saw has the records but most are gone or haven't written back. I have hope and cope but I'm looking for anything and everything else. Help me out if possible. Thanks guys.
  2. kohjinagata

    WTB Appleseed Cast, Piebald

    Help me friends. I'm looking for Appleseed Cast's Low Level Owl vol 1+2 as well as Piebald's Vol I - III Is there anyone out there that wants to sell them to me?
  3. kohjinagata

    Post Your Record Storage Area

    I love this guys art. Saw his work at the Toronto Art Fair and loved it. Alas no money for art or vinyl setups
  4. I want to buy Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra vinyl. I currently don't have any so I welcome all albums. The only thing I'm not interested in is the KD split 7s Thanks guys