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  1. RSD disc 1 is white colored while disc 2 is black and the Rocktober edition are both black. Both variants have side 4 etched. Discogs has more info as well as the strange blue letter label on one of the later variants
  2. That system and stp piqued my interest. But yeah almost 3 yrs of not participating for me. Could be interesting tho
  3. If you find one that fits let us know. These "box set" sleeves are notoriously hard to fit the innumerable amount of multi albums out there😉👍
  4. Here's another Dead Cross II update: Everyone on this email will be getting an exclusive RED variant. It will only be the disc that will be mailed to you to replace the faulty one that you currently have. We are also making the COUNTERFEIT GOLD and GLASS COFFIN CLEAR vinyl, but we are not able to remake the Three One G, Ipecac or Revolver variants. The RED variant will be the most limited and only for those of you on this email. For those of you that bought multiple copies/variants, please reply to this and we'll arrange getting you Gold, Clear and or an extra Red copy. Or we can also refund you if you didn't want any of these versions.
  5. Just heard it last night. Very much looking forward to the whole album. BTW do you know where the black Corona variants are being released from? I can't find any info on them. Maybe indie?
  6. Looks like Superjoint Rituals are finally being shipped from Brooklyn😅 Didn't think they were ever gonna ship, lol. Last month when I inquired about them, they asked me if I wanted a refund. I told them I've waited this long, why quit now....

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