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  1. You're prolly right about the rights bit. This is Clutch's 3rd in their Collectors series. They're pressed in a limited number on their own label Weathermaker. They usually reimagine the artwork by one of the members. I can only imagine these will eventually be reissued properly from Eastwest records
  2. https://agoniarecords.bandcamp.com/album/levels-of-perception
  3. So just saw this: THE RED CHORD Announces Vinyl Reissue Of Fused Together In Revolving Doors & Two Special Shows TLDR: 150 limited Widowmaker vinyl variant only with Ticket bundle. Sold out of course. But there is wider affordable release coming down the pike! This is good Absolutely love this album. One of my all time favs 👍 can't wait
  4. How long is that deal? Can't buy now. This a really great deal! 👍 Gotta wait till this weekend. Couldn't find any info in description. Anyone know how thick these are? I like 2mil for my inners but I'll take these if these last till this weekend
  5. Transnational Speedway League: Anthems, Anecdotes And Undeniable Truths Clutch Collector's Series Limited Edition of 7,500 numbered on Translucent Emerald Green vinyl Finally being released on vinyl 👍 Collector's bundle comes with poster and tee DELUXE COLLECTOR'S BUNDLE COLLECTOR'S BUNDLE LIMITED, SIGNED Amazon
  6. Have you considered that this could be the elusive Mothman? Are you near any military facilities by any chance? 🤔
  7. Never did either. I've always bought from their bandcamp page...
  8. I get what you're saying. And I'm just about there too. Me personally I like to have the best sounding version possible of an album (that is if I can afford it). These sound like they're gonna be amazing. Idid buy the Wal-Mart variants just because. But that being said, I don't know if can buy an album every time the licensing gets passed around. I'm in for these tho. But dammit, they'd better be the good...
  9. Holy shitballs! Just received these thru FedEx after ping ponging around the country. These are Rad! I recommend at least purchasing the first 2 before they're gone. These are classic technical Thrash in sleek shiny gatefolds. The colors are stunning(I'd have purchased these in any color tho). Their style is a bit on the cold calculating technical side of things, but that's what you get when a burgeoning new genre has its birthing pangs. Very satisfying 😌 👌
  10. Merchbar presidents day sale https://www.merchbar.com/sales/vinyl-deals
  11. These look interesting: G.B.I. (GROHL, BENANTE, IAN) Witchfinder General Murder Was The Case Screaming Trees Malfunkshun Forbidden Fields Of The Nephilim Excel Dead Milkmen Collective Soul Tad

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