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  1. I wanted to start with Betty as well. I just can't keep up with all my Preorders so I just opted in with NIN to be safe even tho I've had one since 2017. I don't own a copy of MNM so I'll just go with it. I'll prolly opt out after Betty tho. I might just sell my NIN copy at some point since there's nothing I really need from it. I happen to like my Def copy a lot anyway
  2. I want this but I've got the 2017 blue MOV pressing which sounds REALLY good. Oof, just read that this is on a single jacket and pixelated cover, uh NVM...
  3. Looks like Eminem details are up now. Looks interesting 🤔
  4. Picked up Malfunkshun, Ramones, Screaming Trees and Excel. Couldn't find G.B.I.(GROHL BENANTE IAN) or Forbidden. If anyone can help me out, I'd be grateful. 👍
  5. Anyone know when next month's IVC details will be released?
  6. Yes please!👍 https://psychoticwaltz.lnk.to/ReIssues-2024-Shops Zia Bull
  7. Just received my litho. In perfect shape. #391
  8. https://fantomasofficial.bandcamp.com https://www.blixtmerchandise.com/collections/ipecac-recordings
  9. Looks like if you have a multiple month sub, you can't skip a month. That's what bugs me. If there are 3000 subs of multiple month tiers, assuming they're all 3000 limited pressings (most were actually 2500), wouldn't that mean that they would be sold out at least the next 3 months out? It wouldn't add up if they're limited to 3000. I'm wondering if there will be higher pressing numbers in the future
  10. I think maybe we all have the 2017 definitive is my guess
  11. So if there's a 3000 limit on production, does that mean that only 3000 subscribers will be on this subscription service? Is that right? What about the following months? If they meet the production limit, will there be no more subs admitted for the rest of the IVC year? I'm confused how it's gonna work. I'm only interested in the upcoming Helmet. Afraid if i don't subscribe now I won't be able to get my hands on that Betty
  12. The mat over foil looks sick. Although I would still prefer the original artwork.
  13. Haven't received mine yet(coming today) but here's clutch talking about making Transnational Speedway League. Another Beavis and Butthead success story lol Lmfaolai just received it. My auto litho is 973/7500
  14. Single-sided 12" record featuring brand new tracks from A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, and Primus (Featuring Maynard James Keenan). Pressed on glow in the dark with red and yellow swirl, featuring packaging design by Zoltron and custom artwork etching on the B-side. Limited Edition. Tracklist: A Perfect Circle - Kindred Puscifer - No Angel Primus - Pablo's Hippos (featuring Maynard James Keenan) https://sessantalive.com/products/sessanta-e-p-p-p-12-vinyl-web-exclusive
  15. Just received my tricolor today. That was absolutely unnerving! As if the paper was adhered somehow to the record! I managed to discharge the static enough to pull it out without ripping the already split seam. But it's a gorgeous pressing!
  16. Pretty excited for this year's Blue note classic vinyl release titles: May 17, 2024 Stanley Turrentine with The Three Sounds – Blue Hour (1960) Hank Mobley – Workout (1961) June 21, 2024 Aaron Parks – Invisible Cinema (2008)* Jason Moran – TEN (2010)* July 19, 2024 Thad Jones – The Magnificent Thad Jones (1956) Clifford Jordan – Cliff Craft (1957) August 16, 2024 Wayne Shorter – JuJu (1964) Lee Morgan – The Gigolo (1965) September 20, 2024 Jutta Hipp – At The Hickory House, Vol. 1 (1956) Gene Harris and The Three Sounds – Live at the ‘It Club’ (1970) October 18, 2024 Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – A Night In Tunisia (1960) Donald Byrd – Royal Flush (1961) November 15, 2024 Dexter Gordon – Gettin’ Around (1965) Duke Pearson – Wahoo (1964) December 13, 2024 Lonnie Smith – Drives (1970) Grant Green – Visions (1971) I'm pretty much gonna pickup everything except the 2000s. Really really excited for Juju, Jutta Hip, A Night In Tunisia, Wahoo, and Drives
  17. My wife always tells me to stop shooting prematurely. Not sure what she means. I don't own a gun
  18. So Rick Beato got this little bit out of Danny Carey about Aenima on 180gram vinyl. Also mentioned that everything ever recorded is all analog. Take that with big grain of salt.

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