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  1. Atomic exclusive https://www.atomicfire-records.com/brand/2316 https://www.nuclearblast.com/eu/catalogsearch/result/?q=meshuggah&artist=meshuggah&sb=1 New Obzen variants as well Gonna wait on some indie variants, the overseas shipping rates are incredible
  2. https://downrightmerch.com/collections/suffocation PRESSING INFO: BROWN/WHITE SPLATTER VINYL: LIMITED TO 3,300 (USA+EU) WHITE/BROWN/BLACK CORONA VINYL: LIMITED TO 600 (USA+EU) Splatter looks like an indie variant I believe
  3. They have the same distros. So they shouldn't be any different. Could be smaller labels tho. Sure they're not boots?
  4. Dying Fetus is back: https://dyingfetus.bandcamp.com/album/make-them-beg-for-death
  5. Is there vinyl coupled with this release date? or digital first? duh didnt finish reading the post lol
  6. In Utero’s 30th... Here we go https://shop.udiscovermusic.com/collections/nirvana/products/nirvana-in-utero-30th-anniversary-8lp-super-deluxe https://shop.udiscovermusic.com/collections/nirvana/products/nirvana-in-utero-30th-anniversary-1lp-10
  7. Any chance these will be sold separately? I definitely want S/T, Chamber and Dark Days for sure but don't really need anything afterward. Maybe, but definitely one at a time ;P
  8. I'm afraid to ask how much you're asking for, lol! I paid 50 for Mechanical and I'd struggle(mentally) to pay for anything over that, let alone $200 for a VG copy of Children on Disco! lol. Antichrist is at the top for obvious reasons. I'm sure it's on everyone's want list tho. Anyways, Portrait would be at the bottom of the 3. But on a different note, I've noticed that you've been offing some of your collection? What else you got that I may be more inclined to, um, pay? Anyways, you can DM me your list. Thx for the offer
  9. Well I gotta say, aside from a few plastic shavings from the spindle hole, this is an excellent pressing. Both records are flat as can be. Admittedly i only listened to the Omega. But it's pretty Dope. I'm still a bit confused as to the drama behind this release. But I'm glad I finally have some MM in my collection. Now we need to go backward. I want Antichrist, children and portrait. Let's do this!
  10. lol it's already unsealed and on my cleaning machine!
  11. i may have to reconsider my hobby choices. these prices are just astronomical and wanton! Look at me and big words...
  12. Wow. cant believe wal-mart came thru. just received my copy. split seam on the omega. but whom do i complain to, UMG? lol
  13. I was gonna post the same sentiments earlier but didn't, lol. there will be a tipping point, i agree. I also believe that the whole industry is testing how much we are willing to spend. Hence the whole MM Mechanical Animals selling at $70. but FoMo is fierce. and they know it. that's why we have "limited." I also read somewhere that 50% of vinyl sales aren't even being played or don't even have a turntable to play it on. If you ask me, I think we're in a biiiiiiig psyop.
  14. What I'm wondering is how many sites actually got the message that they were pulling it. Or if the distributors have an option to pull it due to moral decisions. Whatever it is doesn't make any sense to send out that message
  15. Wal-Mart, it was sent via FedEx and it looks like it's en route. Label was created Shepherdsville, KY US and is in transit going thru LOUISVILLE, KY. Looks legit. A lot of my records begin their destination from there
  16. Whoops, looks like I got shipping notification.
  17. https://alonerecordsshop.com/products/transilience-nervesaw-lp-clear https://alone-records.bandcamp.com/album/nervesaw 'Nervesaw' is the first EP by American band Transilience, and the comeback release after many years of absencefrom the scene. Transilience were originally formed in 1988, in Reston, Virginia, and their debut album 'Mouthful Of Buildings' was released in 1989. Their very particular brand of thrash metal was hailed at the time as innovative and original, and that record remains a fresh listen to this day. Tracklist: 01. Cut The Mountain 3:45 02. Pandemic Scale 3:23 03. Octomom 1:43 04. Seven Samurai 3:33 You can hear the new single on the bandcamp link. Or just watch the video
  18. A soft brush can usually handle any dust that settles on a vinyl record. But how can listeners deal with more tenacious dirt and grime? The Library of Congress shares a recipe for a cleaning solution of 2 mL of Dow Chemical’s Tergitol 15-S-7 in 4 L of deionized water. C&EN spoke with Paula Cameron, a technical service manager with Dow, to learn about the chemistry that helps the Tergitol surfactant get into—and out of—the groove. Molecules in Tergitol 15-S-7 possess hydrophobic hydrocarbon chains that are between 11 and 15 carbon atoms long. The S means it’s a secondary alcohol, so there’s a hydroxyl jutting from the midsection of the hydrocarbon chain to connect it to a hydrophilic chain of repeating ethylene oxide units. Finally, the 7 is a measure of how many moles of ethylene oxide are in the surfactant. The greater the number, the more water-soluble the compound is. Seven is squarely in the water-soluble category, Cameron says. Furthermore, she adds, the surfactant doesn’t become viscous or gel-like when mixed with water. The end result is a mild, fast-rinsing surfactant that can get in and out of grooves quickly, Cameron explains. The bad news for vinyl audiophiles who might want to try this at home is that Dow typically doesn’t sell surfactants directly to consumers. Their customers are generally companies who make cleaning products. Sadly Cameron doesn’t know of a consumer product that has similar properties. And the Library of Congress doesn’t guarantee this solution will satisfy all users. Sometimes googling your questions is better than going to every forum under the sun and getting people to give smart answers. But what do I know...😕

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