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  1. Heard of these guys from my Spotify recommendations. Anyone ever hear of these guys? Just can't stop listening. Too bad they never really picked up any recognition. They only have 3 EPs. Discogs lists them as math rock/ hard core.
  2. Hmm, I pre-ordered the orchid on Amazon at the same time as the violet. My violet was shipped but the orchid is still pending shipping.
  3. BTW that's a great podcast. Been listening to them for a few years now.
  4. Whoa! That's what I'm talking about. A bit of Mr Bungle mixed with a bit of Panzerballet throw in a little Weather Report and a shake of Rodrigo y Gabriela and some Skyclad👌 Started with the first of the Traun trilogy. Nice
  5. Seeing a lot of issues for the LO2L. Anyone have warped or unplayable issues? Haven't gone out to pick up the PJ yet.
  6. Pomegranate Tiger Boundless Awesome name, awesome band!
  7. That PJ is slated for 20600 copies. Shouldn't have an issue. But I'm shooting for that Voivod 4500 copies. Those 2 are all I want from this drop...🤞
  8. Dammit! I forgot to change my card on Amazon. My previous card was compromised and my bank had to cancel it. Just changed it on Amazon. Hopefully it goes thru...
  9. Just received notification for the sound factory variant. Hopefully it doesn't take a month to get here...
  10. I'm definitely gonna try this.... the band, lol I def felt a high just reading thru the description 🥴
  11. DOOM Human Noise Japanese avant garde/noise/thrash/metal band
  12. Divine Empire 1998 debut Redemption On Hell's Headbangers label. 100 black 400 oxblood/bone swirl $19.99!!!! Go get yours! https://shop-hellsheadbangers.com/divine-empire-redemption-vinyl.asp
  13. I've got the the 2018 Back On Black reissues on green vinyl. Those covers are sick tho! I'm going with the swirlz cuz yea, $20 for the slipcase... If they would've added the 97 demo to the deluxe, def would've gone for that! Thx JH!
  14. Since we're talking about MCIS again, I was wondering how you all store the vinyl from the box. Do you keep it in the box, or do you leave them outside of the box? I've pretty much memorized the whole packaging and don't look at it much anymore. Well, sometimes I do. But I listen to this album with my wife quite a bit. And I sometimes I hesitate to take out the box because I don't want to damage it, but my wife absolutely loves the Pumpkins, so inevitably it comes out into the living room. I have to take this thing out at least once a month, lol. I've been thinking about purchasing some generic sleeves(you know, like DJ sleeves?) And keeping them in those since I play this thing so much. But anyway, how do you guys store the vinyl? In the box or separately?
  15. Damn these pressings didn't get this much attention a few years back when they were widely available. I bought MCIS twice back then with no problems(at half the price). I bought SD about $20. Lol how times have changed since the "demic".

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