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  1. I found a couple that say "listening to the Clash" and "listening to Willie Nelson". Are those yours as well, Virgil?
  2. Horkey Neurosis print is up on Neurot. I'm not crazy about the color but i'm sure it'll go fast. http://www.neurotrecordings.com/SearchResult.aspx?CategoryID=22
  3. Saw Jawbreaker with the Queers at the Soma in San Diego in 1994. I was in high school and just wanted to see the Queers and didn't give Jawbreaker a chance. Bad me.
  4. I prefer Battle of Mice a bit more, but I saw Made out of Babies live and they blew me away. Julie Xmas looked like she was possessed. Great stuff.
  5. She is probably my favorite vocalist, and BOM "A Day of Nights" is my favorite album of the last couple of years. Too bad Neurot dropped the ball on pressing this on vinyl.
  6. I'm currently reading "Flood" by Andrew Vachss. Its a great book but I think i'll need something a bit more upbeat next.
  7. This does look good. Is this a good start for a jazz novice?
  8. Sweet, another Seahawks fan. I've been a fan since the early 80's (probably just rebellion against my Broncos loving parents). They're going to have a tough game going to Buffalo, but shouldn't have a problem winning the division.
  9. It's going to be a while before there will be a sustainable turnaround. The housing market will need to stabilize and inflationary pressures are still a burden. As an alternative, CD's and MMF's are obviously a safe bet, but you're not going to get 5%. Moneymarkets are paying around 2%, and you'll be lucky to get 4% on a 1-Yr CD. Moving to cash and trying to time the market can be very difficult, and as many here have mentioned, 401k's are long-term investments and most of us here are relatively young and have the time to wait it out. For those of you that are interested in doing your own research and spending some time on your accounts, your company may offer a more "self-directed" retirement account. This will allow you to invest in stocks, etf's, etc. instead of the limited mutual fund choices that you normally have in a 401k. This opens the door to invest in short funds, which have an inverse correlation with the corresponding index (goes up when the market goes down!).
  10. Hand of Doom Fairies Wear Boots The Wizard Black Sabbath Die Young Hole in the Sky

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