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  1. That was the only highlight of his No Fun Monday’s series. The others were cool..I guess. But Kids In America is the only one I’ve listened to more that once.
  2. Deathgrind from Asheville, NC https://cavegrave.bandcamp.com physical news coming soon
  3. Coagulate LP https://www.rottedlife.com/product-page/coagulate-the-art-of-cryptosis-12-lp-white-red-splatter-vinyl LE100 White/Red Splatter LE150 Black
  4. I ended up purchasing my 2011 tour copy for $20 at the merch table, having it stolen in 2016, the fucker then sold it to a local record store, and then I bought it back from the record store for $20 again. When you get your copy, don’t let it out of your sight LOL.
  5. I asked about this a few months? ago and basically the response was it’ll happen when it happens. It’s in the works, it just takes time.
  6. Picked up their 2018 release as well as Effigy of Nightmares. Real solid stuff. Also grabbed this one. If y’all don’t know about www.lifeafterdeath.bandcamp.com now you do. Mostly tapes but occasionally he gets vinyl from EU. It’s a death/grind label/distro specializing in EU import.
  7. Anyone know where to get a tape of the new Disembowel album? Maggot Stomp and Desert Wasteland are sold out
  8. FULL TOMB MOLD DISCOGRAPHY REPRESS 3rd pressing of Tomb Mold's Primordial Malignity LP up for preorder. two different colors to choose from, /250 each. http://shop.bloodharvest.se/?product=tomb-mold-primordial-malignity-lp-3rd-pressing-preorder 2nd pressing of Tomb Mold's The Bottomless Perdition + The Moulting LP. two different colors, /250 each as well. http://shop.bloodharvest.se/?product=tomb-mold-the-bottomless-perdition-the-moulting-lp-2nd-pressing-preorder 6th pressing of Tomb Mold's Manor Of Infinite Forms LP, two different colors. https://www.20buckspin.com/products/tomb-mold-manor-of-infinite-forms-lp?_pos=1&_sid=4dbadaa8c&_ss=r 3rd pressing of Tomb Mold's Planetary Clairvoyance LP, two different colors. https://www.20buckspin.com/products/tomb-mold-planetary-clairvoyance-lp?_pos=3&_sid=855dfa67d&_ss=r Side note: if anyone has any older presses of any Tomb Mold records for sale, please let me know!
  9. Saw a list of underrated stoner rock bands on UG...checked a few of them out. Pretty cool stuff. Sea of Green Vallenbrosa
  10. Seeing them Wednesday for the 2nd time and I couldn’t be more excited. The venue isn’t the biggest either. Definitely at least 2-3x smaller than the venue I saw them at in 2013 with BTBAM and Coheed. Any prints at the merch table?