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  1. I missed Superstition but Tomb Mold murdered their set. Really enjoyed their energy. Got a tour pressing too, Derrick signed it and wrote some lyrics from a previous album.
  2. B6 - Sold out B7 - Sold out B8 - 86 Remaining color copies for Tomb Mold on 20BS.
  3. If anyone isn’t feeling their “Unheavenly Colorway” and would like to sell it to me, please let me know!
  4. It was actually the Foxglove variant, not the Bell Heather. Makes sense as to why it’s cream rather than pink.
  5. It ended up being Bell Heather. Mine is more of a yellowish cream color though, it’s odd! I talked to him for probably 20 mins, definitely a cool dude. I should’ve grabbed a shirt too, that design is awesome. But I obviously won’t be attending any of the Europe shows so I decided to leave it for them hahaha
  6. I just met up with Gregg from Shy, Low to get a copy of Hiraeth before they go off to Europe to tour. So stoked! This band is incredible!