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  1. put on your favorite outfit, hit the club with a bunch of blow, find a hottie who'll give you the comfort you desire, meet her in the bathroom stall and do it for yourself. that's all the therapy you'll need.
  2. i like it, but i'm biased. i like money and also hate when niggas try to take it from me.
  3. hard to pass on an album called raw rock fury with a single that lives up to the name.
  4. taking offers on the test presses. i have 4 of them. NO LOW BALL OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED.
  5. i have 78 copies if anyone's interested. PM me.
  6. the big sean thread needs some migos to spice it up a bit.
  7. i wouldn't say mezcal is completely unrelated to whiskey. they are both hip alcohol products with high and low end options. was curious if anyone on the boards even drinks it. i might be up for starting a mezcal thread, per birdwell's suggestion, if there were fellow enthusiasts.
  8. noticed that all 15 copies of the We Will Forget Our Sadder Days in Summers That Never End cassette are sold out. any plans to release more?
  9. this thread would/should appreciate mezcal. where's the love for the god nectar from our brethren south of the border?
  10. just want to chime in that i also own the 2016 180g reissue of this fine album and it plays great without skipping. however, others may not have been as fortunate. there are multiple complaints on discogs where people received copies that skip badly.
  11. also, second single out. still liking what i hear.
  12. sacred bones has since listed their limited version up for preorder as well. "comes with Gold Blanck Mass logo badge, alternate screen-printed wrap around sleeve, and wax sealed." no mention of whether it's black vinyl or the red/black vinyl that you linked previously.