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  1. Can anyone recommend any good US-based online distros specializing in metal/death metal, etc? Thanks!
  2. So does this mean we either order a damaged cover to arrive in the next 2 weeks or a new cover that arrives in January? Just want to be sure.
  3. New pressing just dropped. There's an orange splatter version /300 and a silver version /700.
  4. Looks like they're pressing the J Spaceman - Guitar Loops release on vinyl for the first time. Anyone know anything about this? Are there plans to release any other solo J Spaceman stuff on vinyl? https://bleep.com/release/111495-j-spaceman-guitar-loops
  5. Anyone get their Night Birds 7" box yet? Haven't received an order confirmation yet on my end. Not sure what's up.
  6. Mine all shows up damaged. Package was packed WAY too tight and dinged everything up real bad. Bummed. Hope they get back to me on this.
  7. Wasn't this supposed to ship around June 15? Anyone receive it? I haven't received it nor have I heard anything about it.
  8. Uns Unsane posted it on their FB page and it seems they'll be selling it on their upcoming European tour. Not sure of anything outside of that. I'm looking for it myself.
  9. I think I found a spectrum, assuming my ebay order doesn't get cancelled (which happened twice already). Anyone have any leads on a WIRE boxset? Last on my list.
  10. Anyone have a lead on the Spectrum - Highs Lows LP or the Kevin Shields/Brian Eno 12"?